Top 5 Wellness Tips

In the wellness community, self-care is widely talked about. Each day on social media someone is trying to sell you their idea of self-care but have you ever stopped and thought about what it means to you. On my journey I discovered that it’s not just about the spa dates or the luxury products you use. It involves you individually and the emotions you experience. If you’re in alignment with doing some activity you enjoy this is also self-care. If you’re experiencing negative emotions this is an indicator that you’re out of alignment and self-care is needed. When you treat yourself with compassion, speak words of upliftment and become aware of your patterns you are on the right track.

The time and effort you spend on others is the same you should spend on self. Feeding your being with gratitude, nourishment and attention are sure ways of developing a stable, loving relationship with self. Once you heal yourself you can heal others. There has to be balance with the different aspects of life else not you will suffer. When I say suffer I mean with depression, anxiety or fatigue because in your mind there isn’t enough time or you create all kinds of excuses. My advise is to do what makes you feel good now, don’t wait. I once had that mindset which I had to break free from because it was damaging all of me. I wanted to save everything for the right time. I thought when I get what I want I’ll be happy, turns out I’d sometimes get it and the feeling would be short lived and then I would be back at square one.

I started manifesting small things because the idea of bigger desires scared me, another lack mindset I had to demolish. It takes time so don’t be so hard on yourself. I still have to remind myself of that statement some days. I’ve always thought to myself that there is more to life than just my thoughts and emotions. Life experiences doesn’t always have to teach you lessons. They can also be fun and rewarding. Listed below are my top 5 tips that got me started on my wellness journey. If you are feeling stuck or want to explore more of why you’re here on earth I suggest you start with self introspection. This can be triggering for some so seek professional help if you’re unable to do it alone. Remember that we were all created whole and free, never lacking. Step into your true self and let that higher knowing guide you.

1. Meditation

I have heard many express that they can’t sit to meditate without their minds wandering about the place which is quite normal. You don’t have to sit for hours in discomfort so how about trying it for five minutes. I love this meditation especially because it can be done any time anywhere. Place your hands over your heart center, take a few deep breaths and call on your higher self to guide you. Don’t overthink it just breathe and allow whatever comes up. A lot of the times we’re rushing and busy but it’s those simple moments that invoke peace within.

2. Have an honest conversation with self

I know you might be busy and the kids may be tugging at you but you need to make time for self. That’s not being selfish, that’s replenishing your own cup so you can better serve those around you. If it’s that hard to do then write a short list and tackle one by one. Most mental breakdowns happen because the mind is filled with too much noise and no outlet to release. Have the honest and hard conversations with self and know that even though all the answers may not come straight away, the universe heard you and is in constant co-creation with you.

3. Connecting with nature

Mother earth is constantly giving of herself to us and yet we view such as mundane activites. Nature is the very source of life and if you are in constant reverence for her, your outlook on life will change. We eat from her everyday, breathe fresh air and plant our feet on the ground. Sure we can listen to the birds sing or watch a beautiful sunset and be in awe but can you feel her alignment or be captivated by her darkness?

4. Take care of the water you are consuming

We all know that water plays a vital role in our well being as well as life collectively. Since our bodies are made up of about 70% water you would think we’d continue to nourish it by giving it what it clearly wants but that’s not always the case. My relationship with water changed the moment I had a conversation with myself as to why I disliked it. My distaste towards water led me to uncover that about myself that I was shying away from. Water holds memory and for the years I kept on saying I don’t like the taste of water made me drink less and less of it. Each time I held a glass I’d be totally disgusted and it held that vibration until I changed the way I viewed water. Speak to the water you are drinking. The same way you’ll bless your food, bless your water and it will bless you.

5. Create your own self-care products

Hear me out, this isn’t an plea to stop purchasing your regulars. I love shopping for wellness products especially island made and I will continue however, the bliss I experience from making and using my own is like no other. Since I was a child I loved mixing up ingredients for self-care which I learned from my grandmother. Knowing that my mixes contain zero chemicals reassures my body that it is well cared for. Speaking words of affirmation over my products is embedded in me so when I’m actually using I can feel the invigoration and relaxation happening. I highly recommend trying this out to feel an instant mood switch.

Stay Fab & Well

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