The last time I wrote was during the lockdown period. Covid-19 really tested our limits and still is hence why you should be mindful because by protecting yourself you protect others. Today I’m sharing with you a few things I’ve been enjoying for the past month or so. I haven’t been doing much shopping except for necessities so nothing that will break the bank for sure.


It’s been around three months since I gave up on eating a variety of meats with the exception of fish. Each week I select days where I eat strictly plant-based. This helps a lot if you’ve been wanting to cut back or eat fully plant-based. After monitoring how react when I eat certain foods I had to make a decision for my health’s sake. I’ve been toiling with this for far too long and I’m proud to say that I have a much better relationship with what and how I eat.

I was never a fan of avocados, yes I said it. As its in season here in the Caribbean I decided to give it another try and boy did my taste buds explode. Literally there’s 4 four in my fruit basket right now. I usually add to my green smoothies for a whipped creamy consistency as pictured below.

Since I cutback on purchasing imported chocolate, I found one that’s locally made and tastes great. Crayfish Bay Organics created a coconut cream chocolate made from charcoal roasted beans, I absolutely love. I experimented and added to my breakfast oats for a chocolatey flavor. When I feel a sweet tooth coming on, I sprinkle some pink Himalayan salt and indulge.

When it comes to mauby the bitter the better. Between Mauby and Sorrel I honestly can’t choose I’ll have them both. Mauby has a cooling effect on the body, is said to help with arthritis and lowers blood pressure. Since nearly all diseases from in the gut I’ve been using Mauby Bark as a natural anti- inflammatory remedy.

I made cherry juice for the first time. Usually I would add to my smoothies, yes I make everything in a blend but I decided to try something different. I included a few cinnamon sticks for added flavor and a pinch of nutmeg. The health benefits are that of vitamins, potassium and fiber. Speaking of fiber, I dried the pulp and will be adding to my oats as a topper, using as an exfoliating scrub and adding to my smoothies. Yes the wonders you can do with pulp.


I suffered with dark marks on my face for a number of years. My water intake was extremely low while my eating habits were unhealthy. Once I get really emotional and stressed, they appear. I reached out on IG asking for natural remedies and the people responded. Someone suggested Neem and Tea Tree Oil and luckily I had both at hand. I used Neem once in my hair and couldn’t handle the potent scent so I didn’t dare use again. After using for a month and more they visibly faded. Of course drinking a lots of water helps tremendously.

I was introduced to Tipson Tea in March. It’s made in Sri Lanka but is available island wide and quite affordable as well.  Sleep well and the Digestive Support are my go-to. Turmeric and cinnamon purchased locally are my cleansing mix. Pineapple remnants I bring to a boil for energy and clarity.

I’m reaching these days for The Universe Has My Back by Gabby Bernstein along with Ram Dass lectures on Youtube. Stimulating my mind has become a full time activity that I quite enjoy. Being an open book allows me to view different perspectives without attaching myself to any.

Gratitude Journaling has recently become a practice for me. I would journal my thoughts but never have I had one geared specifically for gratitude. I do this every day as part of my sadhana. I use this time to reflect and give thanks because there is always something to be thankful for. The same life force within that is grounding and keeping me alive is the same within you and that in itself is a miracle.

Being grateful opens the door for more and more and more goodness.

Being grateful helps me to become more aware and to make conscious choices.

Being grateful stimulates joy and sweetness within.

Being grateful draws me closer to creation and all that is a part of it.

Being grateful lets me express my authentic self.

What are you grateful for?

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