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Your Hair Is Magic

Hey Loves.

I’m back with another hair post and product review. This time its from the brand TGIN (Thank God It’s Natural). For many people their hair is an expression of who they are. Personally, I struggled for years with my hair and even being natural has its days. I hardly style my hair or manipulate the curls, just my preference. I don’t even own a regular hair brush. My hair is combed once each week when its being deep conditioned, that’s it. The time I take to care for my hair each wash day is very detailed though. I spend time massaging my scalp and even while the products are being applied, I take my time to ensure that each strand is loved.

This takes me back as child witnessing my mother comb her hair in the backyard. Although she did frequent the hair salon she’ll still end up unsatisfied with the services provided. She stopped going and eventually went natural but still neglected her hair. Just because you’re “natural” doesn’t mean that oils alone can work. You don’t have to break the bank on products neither. The fancy packaging and sweet fragrances are what traps us into buying then later end up regretting. That was me in the past, not anymore. I always do my research then purchase.

Biggest tip I would give is to get to know your hair, better yet have a relationship with your hair. Don’t be afraid, talk to her. Sometimes sis is dehydrated and in need of a deep condition. You’ll notice the split ends, dullness and frizz, give her the attention she deserves. People will quicker strike up a conversation with me about my hair than any other thing and I boldly state that my hair is magic. Don’t expect me to give you my hair story summarized, I can’t because it goes deeper than that.

This is my first time trying a TGIN product. I opted for the twist and define cream which retails for $54 at Beauty Rama in Antigua. This product is made with coconut oil and vitamin E (distinct scent). It has no parabens, sulfates, artificial colors nor has this product been tested on animals. My hair loves this product. It hydrates, defines and gives my hair a nice shine. Similar to the Jamaican Mango and lime hair lotion. So if you’re looking for natural hair products definitely check out this brand. Founder Chris-Tia Donaldson is an advocate for women for are facing hardships due to breast cancer as she has a similar story which you can view on the TGIN foundation website.

To wrap up:

Yes I would repurchase as it works well for my hair. It doesn’t leave my hair feeling dry or frizzy.

I honestly don’t mind the natural scent. If your more into fruity sweet smelling products this isn’t for you.

A little goes a long way for me. Even though I may use multiple products, I never pack them on to the point where residue is visual. To be honest after using your conditioner your hair should be hydrated enough where it doesn’t require much products.

I’m already eyeing two other products from TGIN. Their best seller, butter cream moisturizer and green tea super moist leave in conditioner. After trying some samples I’m hooked. I know I’m late but better late than never.

TGIN- two thumbs up!!

Stay Fab.

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