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Quarantine Self Care Tips

Things have changed, oh yes they have.

The energy in the air currently is that of fear. In Grenada and many parts of the world are on lockdown with limited time to shop for essentials. I am grateful to say that I am safe and healthy with good hopes that you are as well. As the days passed by I found myself giving in because of the news, the bustle of getting to the supermarket standing in long lines while people are complaining. No doubt, this virus is having a major impact on us not only economically but mentally as well. This is why it is so important to unplug from all the noise. Don’t let yourself be engulfed in the flames of fear because it can take a vicious attack on your immune system.

I feel like we are in the eye of the storm and the real test is what happens next. So while many of us are home, think about those on the front line working tirelessly dealing with this pandemic, send them good energy instead of worrying. Many are stating that nothing matters. Not your job, financial status or your material wealth. So what does matter then?

Its not that they do not matter, they do play a role but we humans have ultimately prioritized wrong. In my opinion it all goes back to who you are as an individual and your perception of life. This rebirth started a long time ago, its just on a collective level now and people are panicking. All we really have is this present moment. When we resort to fear because lets face it, people would rather play the sympathy card than deal with their issues, this energy magnifies and becomes our way of living. What if you choose joy despite of all that’s happening, that too can magnify. I have life and that itself is worth celebrating.

Here is a list of self care tips you can use to help cultivate good vibes while at home.

1. Home Spa- you don’t have to be home and miserable, its not the end of the world. Search your cupboards and mix up some ingredients for a relaxing face mask and paint your nails while you’re at it.

2. Cook your favorite meal or try new recipes- this is a time to be creative.

3. Dance while your doing chores- don’t think of it as “cleaning the house AGAIN”, put on some music and dust away girl. Think of it as releasing unwanted energy and allow the good to come through.

4. Sage yourself and your home- after cleaning grab some herbs and call in the magic of the universe into your space. I do this all the time and it instantly lifts my mood.

5. Sunset watching- since we can’t leave the house I’ve been enjoying the magnificent sunsets for the past two weeks. It allows me to capture the radinace of the light within. Get your tea, wine or smoothie and center yourself.

6. Journal your thoughts- its perfectly fine to feel whatever emotions occur, the trick is to not dwell in them. Go ahead and write them down, cry if you have to, its a form of release. Get clear on what it is that you’ve been resisting, then plant seeds and manifest your desires. The universe is always waiting to assist you.

I strongly believe that if you have life within, you have everything. Change is happening whether we accept it or not.

Stay Fab & Stay Healthy.

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