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Deep Conditioner Review

Hey Loves!

I’m starting off the new blogging year with a hair product review, fingers crossed many more to follow.

I haven’t bought a deep conditioner in a minute since I’ve gotten so used to making my own. A banana and olive oil blended does wonders for my hair giving shine and moisturizes. Every two weeks I would detox and deep condition because product build up is no joke.

Eco Style is best known for its gel which I haven’t tried btw. Their Black Castor & Flaxseed Deep Conditioning Therapy caught my eye and for $30 it went straight into my basket after a quick scour of the reviews online. Beauty Rama (beauty supply store) here in Antigua is well stocked but I wasn’t going to break the bank. I literally went in for a leave-in and here we are with a receipt of $110.

Interestingly there wasn’t many reviews on YouTube, but it did rate 8 out of 10 for most users. This product is sulfate, paraben, mineral and petroleum free containing Vitamin E, fiber and Omega 3. It restores, repairs, moisturizes and strengthens your hair. The scent is not bad. It has a floral fragrance in my opinion, which I can tolerate. Some of these products are quite nauseating to me.

Forget dime size. This is 2020 and I’m applying a generous amount of this creamy goodness. The slip is excellent and melts like butter on damp hair. Once I section into four parts I apply from ends to root then detangle with my Denman brush. A shower cap or cholesterol cap in my case or if you can sit under a dryer for 15-20 minutes even better to let the product work its magic. Talk about definition and softness, I rate this product and easy 10. Even after rinsing my hair still feels moisturized which in return lets me use less conditioner. This product used under a hood dryer may work well for those with low porosity hair.

1. Inexpensive

2. Does exactly what it states

3. Smells good

4. Sulfate and Paraben free

An easy repurchase for me because let’s be real, natural hair care can be expensive especially when a product does absolutely nothing for your hair. Luckily, internationally a lot of stores carry sample sizes with return policies. I know what products and methods work best for my hair and proceed with care, it’s the best thing you can do for your scalp.  

Stay Fab!

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