Bliss Body Scrub

As part of my selfcare journey I enjoy creating products for my skin that are natural. Today I’m sharing with you my most recent DIY body scrub- “Bliss”, made with pink Himalayan salt, coconut oil and lavender essential oil. This scrub not only gives you a fresh glow, but it also exfoliates with positive intent.

2019 was such an eye-opening year. I spent so much time exploring different avenues to heal and rediscover my sense of self. Trying to consume less meat was one of my biggest challenge. My skin was constantly breaking out until I incorporated more greens into my meals. Ginger, turmeric and sea moss have all seen me through my worst but here I am, ready and open to the magnificent opportunities this next decade holds.

Side tracked a bit ……. back to the scrub.

I’ve always loved experimenting with items in my cupboard for my hair and skin. I switched to using pink Himalayan salt for cooking earlier this year but only used it in my beauty regime as a part of a foot soak. My aunt picked me up a bag randomly and said this looks like something I’ll have use for, the odds right. Immediately I thought ah ha, I can make a scrub. It wasn’t about a week after the intentions part came to mind and here, my “Bliss” body scrub.

While in the kitchen mixing the ingredients I spoke words of upliftment with every step. This way while its in use I will always remember to speak positive words to myself (affirmations). Each time I use this scrub I start off by saying that I love myself and I honor my feelings. Once my candles are lit, incense is burning that the shower is steaming; I allow my body to relax with the flow. All my cares and concerns are lifted as I apply onto my skin. The coconut oil makes it easy to glide onto my skin without the harshness. Honestly the words flow so effortlessly that if my thoughts ever stray, my awareness brings me back to the present moment. I then seal my intentions and release, simple as that. Hope this scrub takes you to a place of love and bliss.

Stay Fab & Best Wishes for the next decade.

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