Some days I wonder if I’m doing too much or too little, straying from the present moment trying to not catch a fit from being so anxious. Let’s face it reality for a minute. Most of us are gambling through life unhappy and depressed with our jobs, financial status, partners, friends whatever the case may be. What we’re really searching for are solutions.

I thought the number one goal in life is to be happy, turns out that’s a lie AND I didn’t even know what happiness meant. I was dissatisfied with so many areas in my life and focused upon them so much that I fell ill, and I made struggle my story. Fear literally paralyzed the core of who I was and constricted me from carrying out simple tasks such as crossing the street.

This had to change one way or the other. It was exhausting really. As I recap on the past, I can only shake my head. The information that I now know, the people I’ve connected with and the events transpired have all happened in divine timing along with my openness. You see, I was once the girl that thought she’d be happy once whatever I desired manifested. I was grateful but to an extent. This changed of course, a bit reluctant and scared at times but the universe had it all worked out. The rabbit hole I ventured into has changed my life completely.  Sharing with a very dear friend a few weeks ago, it’s like a veil has been lifted.

I’m not here to give anyone instructions. As a matter of fact, do whatever works best for you but I will tell you one thing, complaining will multiply your struggles times 100. This is me sharing with you what worked for me through trial and discipline. Guess what, it never stops. This isn’t a one-day trial, it’s a lifetime subscription. Once you get clear on what it is that you truly want the universe will only conspire to give you more of that. This can go both ways so be careful what you wish for.

Thoughts turn into reality. How we feel makes us think and then react. So how do you feel? My inner child and I did some shadow work that laid the groundwork for my healing. It’s okay to feel emotions but the key is to not dwell on the negative.

Everything you do doesn’t have to be a chore. Nothing wonderful is going to occur if you don’t make it that way. As simple as making the bed, proceed with a grateful heart that you have a place to rest your head with clean comfortable sheets. If you’re ready for change, simply ask and watch the universe work its magic. The sun may not shine bright each day but rest assured that the rainy days brings just as much joy.

Stay Fab.

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