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Get Up and Glow

Grenada, land of spice and the world famous Jab Jab is also known for its authentic cuisines seasoned to perfection with our local spices and extra love. On May 20th – 27th 2019 Flavors of Grenada held its second annual Food and Beverage festival. One week filled with culinary and wellness experiences bringing everyone together, causing a “Flavor Revolution”. Founders of this event, Chef Belinda Bishop and Natasha Beharry focused this year’s theme “join the flavor revolution” around the great Mr. Maurice Bishop a pioneer of Grenada’s rich history. The festival is also aimed at showcasing the many talented chefs and artisans on the island as well as highlighting local farming and the preparation of healthy meals made with these fresh produces.

Where there’s food, laughter and cheer can be found. The weeklong festival kickstarted with a “get up and glow” yoga and breakfast session held at the picturesque Mount Cinnamon Beach Cabana. Our yoga sessions commenced under the morning sun with deep belly breathing techniques held by Marcus Andall, Yogi and founder of Grenada Ital. Yoga which means union teaches us that we are all part of everything happening around us which includes the foods we consume and the people we associate with. Yoga is not an exercise, it’s a subtle practice that consciously grounds your body. By creating a stable base using yoga one can transform any experience into one of joy. Marcus reiterated that it is not about the many poses and getting them right but how you feel during each experience.

After starting the day with such positive intent, we gathered for breakfast prepared by Chef Belinda, Marcus and Nathaniel of Red Roots Ital. The display of color and variety stimulated conversation and instantly lifted our moods. The purpose of food isn’t only to nourish our bodies but also can be used as a form of self-expression especially in the kitchen. Imagine having a healthy breakfast on Grand Anse beach surrounded by beautiful souls under the sun- that is bliss. The chick-pea hummus and chia pudding topped with roasted coconuts were my favorites of the mornings. Believe it or not this was my second time trying yoga and fully understanding what it means to experience everything around me as myself. Wellness should be included in our daily lives not just for special occasions. Eating home grown and supporting local is what encompasses Flavours of Grenada and I’m all in for that initiative.

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