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Achieve Radiant Skin & Glow from Within.

The key to a long-lasting glow is ultimately being your authentic self. Sometimes it takes years to remove the masks but when you can truly be who you are even when the odds are stacked against you, constantly viewing these events in different perspectives you are in tune with your higher self. There’s this quote I saw on Instagram that said “you can eat the kale and mediate all day but if you don’t heal what’s within, these things will never work. “

So how does one heal?

From my personal experience I questioned myself a lot which led to frustration until I realized that I was just making things harder. After learning about my inner child whom I had no clue existed within, I began to wonder. It all started a when I coughed up the courage to speak with her, then later writing a letter expressing how I felt. I cried so much I couldn’t finish the letter. It’s amazing how far back your emotions can take you when you embark on a healing journey. I thought about those who are suffering from worst trauma. I couldn’t fathom those feelings, but I knew I wanted change. Suppressed emotions will drain the life out of you causing duality to be your focus. This can work for a period, but you will reach breaking point. This occurred for me when I fell ill early this year. I woke up one day in immense pain so much that I couldn’t sit for long. I phoned my friend and she insisted that I change my diet, her being certain that would be the doctor’s exact words.

Google being the doctor, no I’m just joking, I started doing research. Anxious at first, I decided to switch things up a bit eating wise. Everyone was in shock when I decided to cut back on meat. “How is that even possible when meat is what sustains you” one person said. I must admit it was difficult at first. I would crave meat and sometimes even forget that certain foods contain meat products. I felt like a failure each time because all wanted was to feel better. The aim however is to eat fully plant based. By consuming less meat, I saw a drastic change in my mood and even my menstrual cycle. In order to see results with any desire you must be disciplined. Don’t beat yourself up if you struggle or fail along the way, it’s all part of the journey. Not everyone will agree with not eating meat and that’s totally fine, just do what works best for you.

In addition to cutting back on meat I started juicing. Juicing aids with digestion, cleansing, weight loss, immune system boosting and hydration. I like being aware of what goes into my body, just as I am conscious of energies that I allow around me. You have no idea how excited I get when I buy fresh kale. I try and have at least four full glasses per day along with more fruits and vegetables. I’m now the girl that reads the labels of everything before purchasing and annoying my family members to try nut milk. These lifestyle changes also brought a change with my skin. I started drinking more water although I disliked the way it stated even when infused. By doing so along with juicing I saw a significant reduction in acne and dark spots on my skin.

I’m always down for mixing in the kitchen when it comes to skincare. Recently I made a sugar scrub that I named “addict” yeah, I like naming things, gives it purpose.

Coconut Oil – 5 tbsp

Peppermint Oil – 20 drops

Brown Sugar – half cup pulsed in the blender

Aztec Clay- 1 tbsp

Mixed altogether is the perfect skin detox. Removes dead skin and leaves my skin feeling extremely soft and smooth with a glow of course. I recommend using on dry skin before showering. Oh, and it also relaxes my body which helps me sleep better. Most of the ingredients are in your cupboard so why not give it a try.

Me feeling good started from within and the rest flowed naturally. Asking my inner self for direction was the best decision I ever made.

 Let your light shine.

Stay Fab.

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