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5 Ways I Increase My Feminine Energy

“By engaging in activities that uplift your spirit, the more you’ll find yourself wanting to be around people that radiate joy and happiness. As simple as washing my hair makes me feel good and increases my energy. Wearing comfortable yet sexy underwear makes me appreciate my body and all its flaws. Start appreciating your authentic self because at the beginning it is you, in the middle it is you and at the end its still YOU.” – Glenisha

  1. Social Media helps us connect in many ways, but it can also be harmful to our mental health. Comparing yourself to the lifestyle of others can cause major self esteem issues which can lead to depression. I only follow people that uplift and inspire me. We’re constantly on your phones watching how others live, but how are you living? Sure, a little humor and gossip is exciting at times but don’t caught up in the mix. As I dive deeper into my spirituality, I’m always searching for positive content that makes me feel good. Who do you need to unfollow?  
  2. At home mani/pedis and facials are essential when I need to destress. The huge sigh of relief when my feet hits the warm water takes me to heaven. I usually use a mix of Epson salt and sea salt for my aching feet. I feel so calm and relaxed after giving my feet a deep tissue massage. Believe me when I say that we carry a lot of tension at the bottom of our feet, so massages are helpful.
  3. A full body scrub followed by a long hot shower makes me feel like a new woman. I made my own scrub which consists of sugar and coconut oil, but the main ingredient that detoxifies is the Healing Indian Clay. My skin feels so soft and smooth after each use. Warning, this scrub can make you feel light headed after using so ensure that it is used right before bedtime. I’m extra so I’ll either have a cup of chamomile or ginger tea for a deeper sleep.
  4. As much as I enjoy the dates with girlfriends, spending time with myself is necessary. I like to sit and concentrate on my desires and how I can improve my life especially while the sun sets. Things may not always go as planned but I always awake with a grateful spirit, then I set my intentions for the day. The saying “living I the moment” is literally being aware of your thoughts which moves you into a state of action. I used to beat myself up or talk negative when I made mistakes, this did more harm than good because I was only prolonging the vibration thus ruining my mood. I recite my life mantras “divine timing is always perfect” and “things are always working out for me” every morning and when I’m in a low vibrational state. I made a conscious decision to live with purpose and to do what makes ME feel good. Everything can and will change, nothing stays the same.
  5. As a child I had low self-esteem. I hardly spoke and suppressed my feeling for most of my life. I knew I wanted change, but I was lost on where to begin. Asking God for help and still feeling stuck with no answers made me feel even more frustrated. Thing is, I wasn’t listening for the answers. I didn’t want to mediate neither read because let’s face it, we want answers and solutions NOW. I feared acting, scared of being alone and scared that I’m not going to be happy. Fear will always try and keep you stranded but your willpower can help you overcome and succeed.  I love reading and researching, so much that it has become part of my daily routine. I am building my confidence and affirming each day that I am worthy and deserving of greatness, no one can tell me different.

Stay Fab!

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