Consumed by fear I found the strength to look at the mirror and into myself. I’m sure this has happened to me before but that morning was different. I saw my fear but I also saw my power. Why was I giving my power away to people who are undeserving? Why do I ignore my intuition to then later fall into a trap? Truth is, we cannot beat ourselves up for these mistakes as it is all part of the learning process.

I tapped into my source (God) and shifted my awareness to the present and asked myself the following question.

Who am I

In that moment I felt a burden lifted off my shoulders and I started reciting my I AM affirmations. I was not going to let fear consume me and ruin my day. See, we all have this power within us waiting to be rediscovered. I struggled for years trying to find answers that were already inside of me. Knowing that I AM one with God redefined my thought process in multiple aspects. Yes I was born alone and with time cultivated relationships but I always knew there was more to life than my physical self and the people I associate with. This takes continuous practice but once the notion is set, there is no turning back. I opened myself up to endless possibilities that is far greater than what I see in the physical and I AM ready to dig deeper.

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