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Spring Into Things

As the winter season closes and spring peeps in, our favorites shops are in full bloom with so many eye-catching pieces. As I got older my style has evolved and while I still love fitted pieces I mostly value comfort and quality. What I have realized over the years is that nothing ever goes out of style, just the season. While I’m all for trendy pieces shopping your own closet can be just as exciting. When you think of Spring what comes to mind? Off the top of my head flowers of course. Each season floral patters and sizes vary but its all about your preference. An airy white dress is also a staple of mine for spring and summer. Remember the year when Beyoncé’s lemonade album dropped and suddenly lemons were featured on everything? Or the cherry that tried to make its mark but didn’t quiet?

Continuing from last season NEON has made its way in 2019 and doesn’t have intentions of leaving soon. Animal prints are back along with the utility trend. Off the rack’s shirt dresses are seen everywhere combining ruffles, checkers and puffy sleeves for a bold statement look. So many pieces to choose from, I narrowed down my favorites keeping in my that this is just the first leg of many styles to follow in the following weeks.

Where do shop most for spring pieces and what’s a staple print in your closet?

Let me know in the comments below and happy spring shopping.

Stay Fab

Links to some of my favorites.


River Island



Forever 21

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