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Experience Belmont Estate; A Visual Guide.

I’m sure if you ask a Grenadian what is there to do on the island, no doubt a visit to Belmont Estate will be made mentioned. This 17-century plantation now hosts a restaurant, farm lands and a prestige chocolate factory. Ran by Ms. Shadel Nayak and her team, Belmont estate strives on Agro- tourism and community development. The journey to the estate is worth every bump and turn along the way. The island is well known for its increased production in chocolate and cocoa products. Recently opened at Belmont Estate is their very own chocolate company, producing one of the world’s finest organic bars. Four delicious flavors are available for purchase of which sea salt is my favorite. They also produce and sell cocoa balls, cocoa nibs and cocoa powder.

Ten reasons to visit Belmont Estate.

  • They offer an exquisite collection of locally produced organic chocolate.
  • Have an experience like Charlie and tour the chocolate factory.
  • The warm and friendly staff awaits your presence, always happy and ready to sell you a wonderful experience.
  • Feed the goats at the dairy farm.
  • Enjoy a delicious island style meal and sip on their renowned ‘chocolate monkey’.
  • Have a chat with rainbow the parrot.
  • Learn a bit of history and see how it all began.
  • Enjoy the scenic drive on the way.
  • You can dance the cocoa and enjoy cocoa in abundance.
  • Beautiful Instagram worth photo opts.
Dancing the cacao.

There is a coolness in the air that captivates me on each visit to the estate. The staff is extremely welcoming, making you feel right at home. You can enjoy your meal in relaxing ambiance with no fuss or visit for Sunday lunch and sway to the rhythms of a live band. Request the venue for a wedding or party, you won’t be disappointed.

The stunning scenery makes me feel as if I’m in Bali, Indonesia. There is something about the country air that warms my inner being. There are lots of things to do in Grenada along with lots of places to visit; make Belmont Estate be at the top of your list.

The day started with a history lesson from Kelly our amazing and extremely knowledgeable tour guide. We learnt about plant propagation and methods used to maximize plant cultivation. The brainboxes that run the greenhouse explained in detail the day to day operations. They boast about homegrown produce used at the estate and even distribute for sale locally. The farm lands are filled with cocoa tress and numerous fruit trees. A demonstration of how the cocoa is picked and striped from its pods to be made ready for chocolate production gave us a visual of how it was done in the plantation days.

A culinary experience at the restaurant will have your taste buds wanting more. The chef prepared so many delicious dishes and even included some vegan options. My favorite was the plant-based version of pulled pork made from jack fruit with a chocolate BBQ sauce that blew me away. The Eggplant and goat cheese treats were simply divine, and did I mention that a goat farm is also on the property? I crafted my very own garlic and chive flavored goat cheese made with fresh goat milk and even got to feed them. Everything tasted so good that I was filled by the time dessert came around but who can resist nutmeg ice- cream?

For every chocolate lover reading this, you need to visit the chocolate factory. After the cocoa is picked and shelled, there are a few processes it must go through before its final product. Fermentation takes approximately six days to occur then its time to dry. The beans are placed on long wooden trays outside for this process. Walking the beans ensures that it’s not crushed is a method used for drying. Dancing the cocoa is also done to ensure its polished and ready to be sent to the factory. Who knew the amount of time and dedication it takes to make one bar of chocolate? We toured the chocolate factory and got the hands-on experience of creating our own. Yeah we’ve all watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory but what goes down at Belmont Estate’ factory is totally different. The team was very helpful with showing us step by step how each bar is crafted, even down to the wrapping which was no walk in the park. Wrapping a chocolate bar requires skills, I struggled but got the hang of it. I highly recommend a tour and do stop off at the gift shop or at the St. George’ location at Sails restaurant to purchase some yummy treats.

If you’ve read my previous blog posts, you’ll know that Grenada celebrates its very own chocolate festival. At Belmont Estate a tree to bar day is held which hosts all things chocolate, and well let’s face it; who doesn’t love a day yet alone festival that’s dedicated to chocolate.

You must experience this yourself, its truly worth the drive from St. George to St. Patrick.

Stay Fab.

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