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20 Questions About My Hair

Best believe I get asked a million questions about my hair and regime. I often feel like people just want to know the fastest ways to achieve hair growth, period. It’s much more complex than just wanting long hair, think healthy and long instead. Here’s 20 questions I get asked frequently about my head of hair.

  • Is that your real hair?

YES! Its all mine. The reactions I receive are damn priceless, adding “I can’t believe all that hair grows from your scalp”.

  • How are your curls so defined?

The right products and scrunching. My hair is curly 3C type which is prone to frizz easily, therefore lots of moisture is needed.

  • What products do you use?

I tell people all the time, a natural hair person probably has a cupboard filled with all kinds of products. Determine your hair type then research what would best suit your type. I’m always buying something new or mixing up some concoction for my hair. It’s never one product all the time.

  • Will you ever cut your hair?

Who knows? I did it once so I can do it again. On not so good hair days I contemplate doing the most, but then I hear my hairdresser screaming NO what did you do?

  • Does anyone in your family have the same type hair?

My mom and I have a similar type and my grandmother curly 3B type.

  • How do you manage with all that hair?

Sigh! Its tough out here on some days, particularly when I’m too lazy to wash and detangle but hey it must be done.

  • You must sweat a lot with all that hair?!

Damn right! Its annoying as hell especially when I work out often during the week. That means I’ll have to wash it twice and we know that’s a lot of work.

  • How can I grow my hair?

Same thing I did when wanted healthy hair, I googled it. There are so many ways in which you can grow your hair but what’s the rush really? As with taking care of your health, taking proper care of your hair is also necessary. Your lifestyle, the food you consume, vitamins and hair products all contribute to your hair growth. Best advise is to ask a professional especially if you have any medical issues. Hot oil treatments worked well for me.

  • I want curls like yours, what should I do?

I literally had a girl pull out her pen and paper ready for all the details. I can’t guarantee that it’s going to turn out exactly as mine, but you can try. I told her all the products I was using at the time and hoped for the best. Natural hair is trial and error when it comes to trying products, some may work, others will have you wanting a refund.

  • Do you comb your hair?

This is mostly asked when its near wash day and in dire need of moisture. The only time I use a comb is when detangling, so once a week when wet with an insane amount of conditioner. I don’t even use my afro pick often as my fingers gets the job does.

  • You must spend a fortune buying hair products?!

In the past yes, now buy products when they go on sale, so I never run out.

  • Do you use coconut oil in your hair?

I used too but then I stopped because of how it was making my hair smell. I use tea tree and peppermint oil on my scalp now. I’ll use coconut oil sometimes to pre-poo.

  • What’s your go too hair product?

Shea Moisture’s curl enhancing smoothie.

  • Will you ever color your hair?

Yes, why not?! Change is needed at times but I’m waiting on my stylist (manda), she’s the best. I’ve always wanted to try braids or even a wig, but I always hesitate.

  • How often do you apply heat to your hair?

Heat damage is no joke. Hairdressers always warn me when I ask to get it flat ironed adding that it’s all on me if shit goes down. So twice for the year depending on my mood.

  • How often do you deep condition?

Every week. My hair needs moisture and its more manageable and softer after. If I don’t use a store-bought brand, I would whip something up in the kitchen, mostly a banana and extra virgin olive oil mix for shine, moisture and helps with split ends.

  • How do you preserve your curls?

My hair is 95% of the time in a pineapple and I sleep with a satin scarf to retain moisture. A silk pillow case or bonnet works as well.

  • Does getting your ends trimmed equal growth?

It works for me even when I get scissor happy and try to follow a YouTube tutorial. It ends up growing uneven, but I do witness growth. Don’t be scared to trim your ends by a professional might I add, it’ll be worth it. Health over length all day.

  • Can I have your hair?

Sorry no, but I’m sure you can find a wig similar LOL which is followed by the next question.

  • Can I touch your hair?

Nah, no touching the fro. This is when the mix up happens and I end up telling people off. You don’t just walk up to me and proceed to put your hands in my hair then say sorry and on top of that validate that you wanted to know if its real. Ask a question and wait for the answer, NO. I know some will say oh its just hair but have some manners. You won’t eat off someone’s plate at a restaurant and say that you wanted to know if the food tastes good, would you?

Stay Fab.

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