Never make plans when you’re drinking!

We booked Savvy the night before sailing then tried to get people to join in on the fun. Tough luck struck as we didn’t get a full boat but things ended up working out better than expected. My anxiety went through the roof, contemplating over and over if I should cancel. Oh Nisha of little faith.

SPF: Check

Sunnies: Check

Hat: Check

Crew: Check

This was probably my third or fourth time sailing on Savvy. This hand built sloop is filled with so much history. They were originally built for the transportation of goods mostly contraband throughout the islands. On board as the sails set and the captain and mate prepared for the journey, it took me back to home (Carriacou) as I remembered my grandfather and the art of how the boats are built. I must say the professionalism of the team ensured us maximum safety as well as a good time. Where there is rum punch there is excitement. Just pass the entire bottle, no holding back!

Moliniere beach was our intended destination. Sailing from Port Louis we enjoyed the scenic route while some caught a tan while reading a good book, chatted away and rocked to some afrobeats. From 12-3pm it was pure relaxation, sun and living in the moment. I highly recommend sailing with savvy. You can book your private cruise and even head up to the Grenadines for some fun. A savvy sunset sail is definitely on my list.

If you’re big on sailing check them out, you won’t be disappointed.

Huge thanks to all that came through, it was a good day!

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