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Rampage of Appreciation

Hello Beautiful People!

In a few days, 2018 will be no more, and we’ll be ringing in 2019 with all of its goodness. This year especially the latter was definitely challenging for me. I’ve learned that with each challenge, lessons are also presented and although I failed miserably so many times God showed me his mercy. The profound lessons learned have shown how much I’ve been resisting and wanting things to go my way.

The bible says ask and it shall be given so that’s what I did. I vividly remember in 2017 asking God to show me his way as I was losing hope. God showed me how much I was lacking faith and being unappreciative about many things in my life. I stumbled upon Abraham Hicks teachings on Youtube one day which has forever changed my perspective on many things. Constantly being in a state of gratitude, being present and always checking in on myself has made me free. I started my gratitude journal while meditation has become part of my morning routine. I’ve also learned to not be so hard on myself but instead speak words of encouragement to myself and others.

I went through healing both physically and emotionally countless times for the year. The retrogrades and eclipses did not spare me one bit. As a highly sensitive being, I feel a lot. Opening up spiritually has been an emotional rollercoaster. I didn’t know I had that many-unhealed wounds. Thank God for spiritual teachers who understand and can help you navigate throughout. Thank God for those who have helped me through the dark days, I appreciate you so much. I’m proud of myself for being a conqueror. I am worthy and I am deserving of greatness, don’t ever doubt yourself. When fear tries to step in, call on your angels or higher self for help. 2019 I’m placing my intentions knowing that things are always working out for me.

How To End 2018

  • Clear out your closet and maybe donate things that are no longer used.
  • Clear out that one draw in the house that has bits and bobs.
  • Delete the hundreds of emails you never opened.
  • Purify your home with sage or essential oils.
  • Write your intentions for 2019.
  • Start your vision board.
  • Take a sea salt cleansing bath.
  • Start a gratitude journal.

18 Things I Am Grateful For

  • The unconditional love God has shown me.
  • To be alive and in good health.
  • My home, basic necessities.
  • My family and friends
  • The challenges faced and the healing it brought.
  • The abundance that follows me.
  • The books I won.
  • My laptop.
  • Nature and its healing properties.
  • The joy within me.
  • The happy days I asked for.
  • The long hot showers I needed.
  • My anxiety and where it has brought me.
  • The courage I didn’t know I possess.
  • Law of Attraction and its teachings.
  • Being able to connect with my high self.
  • The prayer journal i found.
  • The art of allowing.
  • Spiritual teachers who have helped me along the way.
  • Opened and closed doors.
  • The infinite power within.
  • The exciting, satisfying days ahead of me

Thank you for sticking with me although I didn’t blog much this year. Hoping that in 2019 my creative juices will flow more and that I will be able to produce meaningful content. Wishing all of you a blessed and abundant 2019. Everyday in every way things are getting better & better & better & better.

Stay Fab!

3 comments on “Rampage of Appreciation

  1. Great post. Wish you the best in 2019!


  2. May courage follow you in 2019.


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