ABH Brow Wiz- Is it really worth it?

Since I started watching makeup tutorials I’ve seen most beauty gurus feature the ABH Brow Wiz countless times, raving about how good of a product it is. Yes I know I’m extremely late but I live in the Caribbean and certain products were harder to find few years ago. Plus I wasn’t about to cough up more than $60 when I can use a black pencil and spoolie that costs $10.

We’ve seen the evolution of brows over time which has certainly been interesting with some smh moments. Those in the beauty community are constantly coming up with new trends. From extremely thin brows to Instagram brows to feather brows- we’ve seen them all.

The only issue I have with my brows is the sparseness at the ends. I just wish they would grow back but may just have to micro blade or keep filling them in, either way I’m comfortable showing my natural brows in public.

I recently started using the infamous brow wiz in the shade dark brown which retails for US $21. First impression- how slim the pencil is and Being retractable was a plus. It defines your brows and because of how slim the pencil is, you can mimic hair like strokes for a more natural finish. Not forgetting the spoolie on the opposite end for combing through. So basically a 2 in 1 product that glides on smoothly with less work. This product available In ten shades and it’s 100% vegan.

I would definitely recommend once it’s in your budget. Now I get the hype and why it will always be a cult favorite. It’s that good.

What are your brow recommendations?

Share in the comments.

Stay Fab!

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