Broken Eyeshadow Fix

Hey Everyone!

Clumsy me as I was applying my eyeshadow it slipped from the countertop and fell to the ground. There was eyeshadow everywhere, my anxiety was on 100. Luckily the glass jar didn’t break and I was able to save what was left.

The Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Intense Waterproof Eyeshadow was one of my favorites that was gifted. The shade I own is a pretty burgundy (7) and is very pigmented with loads of shimmer. It retailed for US $33.00 and is now discontinued. I wasn’t gonna lose this gorgeous eyeshadow just like that so here’s how I fixed it.

You’ll Need:

Tissue paper

Rubbing Alcohol

A small spoon/your finger

Add a few drops of alcohol to the broken powder then place the tissue paper over it. Use your spoon or finger and begin pressing lightly until the pigment begins to solidify. If you need more alcohol then add.

Luckily I’ll still be able to use a few more times before discarding and hopefully I can find a dupe soon. What are some of your broken eyeshadow hacks? Share in the comments.

Stay Fab.

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