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NUMAD Review

Exfoliation is key. It eliminates dead skin cells and polishes skin, refines pores and smoothes wrinkles.

Where’s all my money? It’s on my skin darling.

I’m a huge advocate for skin care so when the opportunity was presented to sample products from Numad’s natural line I was all in. I immediately had my eyes set on the Charcoal and clay sugar scrub which I must conclude did not disappoint. Made with ingredients sourced here in Grenada, founder Kenroy George curated 6 products that are sure to make self-care feel luxurious. The packaging details screams minimalist while the size is compact enough to travel with.

For the past few months this scrub as been part of my skin care routine. I apply a dime size amount to my face after cleansing. A little definitely goes a long way when activated with water giving a tingling sensation that relaxes me.

As someone with sensitive skin in I can attest from using in my facial routine that my face is left feeling refreshed. The sugar granules are fine which makes it non-abrasive on the skin without drying.

After a stressful day a long hot shower using this scrub helps me detox. I finish off by using the Vanilla body butter which smells heavenly and quenches my pores.

All NUMAD products are available at Kristoff Boutique, Spice Land Mall.

Stay Fab.

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