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31 Days of Blogging

Hey you & Hello October!

Are you the as me and thinking of Christmas in October? Gosh the changes in the weather are slowly creeping in but I’m here for it.

Here I am, one year later trying this challenge again after the first attempt was a failure. “If at first you don’t succeed don’t be like me and wait an entire year to try again.” I can’t recall the reason why I stopped, guess I wasn’t in a good space. Nevertheless, I’m here and ready to write. If you ever catch writer’s block these challenges will certainly do you good and keep the mind stimulated. You can follow along as I’ll be updating this post every day for the entire month of October. Why don’t you join in on the fun as well? Grab your journals and let’s get started.

Day One – self-portrait and five random facts about me.

We’ll start with the random facts.

  1. I consider myself an Empath.
  2. I love the scent of gas/diesel.
  3. I dislike the scent of Conch being cooked.
  4. The rain affects my mood and eating habits.
  5. I pick the red, white and purple jelly beans out of the packet and discard the rest.
More like a “selfie” portrait

Day Two – favorite quote(s)

• I am source energy expressed in this physical body. Unknown

• You must give up a life you’d planned in order to have the life that is waiting for you – Joseph Campbell

• You get what you focus on, so focus on what you want.

Day Three – What makes me happy?

To be completely honest I never really understood the true definition of happiness. My version was that happiness = material things. I knew I wanted to feel happy but I still ended up in shitty situations some of which I can now look back and shake my head. Through the struggle and trying times I learnt that happiness starts with me. So what makes me happy?

  • The cool air that hits my face while standing at the top of a hill. Something about it captivates my entire being; I feel so alive.
  • Being around people who can make the best of out any situation and make me laugh uncontrollably.
  • When I’m at my “happy place” the beach.

Day Four – Best childhood memory.

Too many to choose one but i would have to say Christmas time as a kid. Although my family isn’t perfect, spending the holidays with them is something I’ll always cherish. That entire season gives me chills on a whole but oh the good times I had as a kid makes me wish I wasn’t an adult.

Day Five – Favorite movies I can never get sick of watching.

Titanic, Serendipity, Brown Sugar, Sleepless in Seattle, Sixteen candles, Cinderella, A knight’ tale, Woe, Hallmark Christmas movies…..I can go on!

Day Six – Your last random act of kindness.

Umm random I can’t remember but I always donate items that I no longer need or want. I’m super grateful to be in the receptive mode always.

Day Seven – What’s your dream job?

There are many things I want to accomplish in this lifetime and I’m working towards. I’ve always had a thing for fashion, beauty and decor. For my career I’d like to include all three and of course traveling while getting paid.

Day Eight – Biggest pet peeve.

So many but one that annoys my soul is when others respond “k” or “kk”. It says a lot.

Day Nine – What’s on your life list/bucket list?

Loads including my career goals, travel goals and overall areas in which I’d like to shape my life. I must say that turning  27 has taught me to appreciate more and go with the flow. I know that I have purpose that must be fulfilled.

Day Ten – Daily Routine

I was never on to follow a routine. I’d start and then eventually fall off but I must say that I’ve been doing good so far. I open my eyes each morning and give thanks. Check my phone then step outside for a few minutes to meditate or be in alignment with nature. Been practising this for the past few months to help with my anxiety. I’ll then prepare breakfast while listening to Abraham Hicks then carry on with my day.

Day Eleven –  The last book I read.

Gabby Bernstein’s The Universe has my back. 

Day Twelve – Something that I miss.

Hmm… weird, at this point I can’t think of anything.

Day Thirteen – Do you have regret?

Don’t we all at some point?

Day Fourteen – what’s on your ipod?

I no longer own one.

Day Fifteen – Ten things that make you awesome.

  1. My sensitivity.
  2. The many creative abilities I possess.
  3. My quick thinking.
  4. My willingness to release all that does not serve me.
  5. My flaws and awkwardness.
  6. My compassion towards others.
  7. My unique sense of style.
  8. My huge heart and the ability to love unconditionally.
  9. The people who are always helping me to be a better person.
  10. Knowing who I am, the power within, my purpose in this life and the one who created me (GOD) altogether makes me awesome.

Day Sixteen – What’s your biggest accomplishment?

My biggest accomplishment would have to be the time I decided to let go and allow alignment in my life. Time and circumstances made me aware of so many things including my value and my purpose.

Day Seventeen – Why and when did you start blogging?

Before blogging was the “in thing” I would read and follow along the journeys of many bloggers including Lauren O Lauren and Wendy’s Lookbook. Any magazine I found be it fashion, beauty, travel or decor I would long to have publications and travel the world. At that time I thought it would’ve cost thousands to start my own website and buy equipment so I started with my mom’s digital camera and would let my cousin take photos of me or I would take them myself. Life happened and I fell off track but the dream remained. A few years later I decided to take the leap after others around me started blogging. I launched my website in February 2017 a bit nervous and unsure of the outcome.  I am truly grateful for the opportunities gained and welcome many more. Staying consistent and not letting anything distract from your goals is key (always learning). The aim is to share, learn, explore and create a steady income doing what I enjoy.

Day Eighteen – Where are you happiest?

At the beach and laying under the night sky gazing at the moon.

Day Nineteen – List 5 blogs you read on a regular basis and why.

Natasha Ndlovu for her beauty tips.

Shirley’s wardrobe – all things fashion.

Lauren O Lauren – it’s a lifestyle

Girl Boss – for inspiration

Gabrielle Bernstein – for a spiritual check- in

Day Twenty – What do you collect?

Let’s see….

wine bottles

sea glass


Clothing labels/tags

Day Twenty-One – What’s your biggest fear?

My biggest fear is not fulfilling my life purpose. I have so many desires that it scares me at times but I’m slowly learning to lean on faith instead of fear and watch my dreams become reality.

Day Twenty-Two – What do you do when you’re home alone?

Clean for sure


Pamper myself

Day Twenty-Three – Do you have a hobby?

Why many! I love writing.

Day Twenty-Four – Describe your most embarrassing moment.

Being called out by the DJ on a cruise for standing on the bench. ( covers face)

Day Twenty-Five – Describe your location.

On an island in the sun.

Day Twenty-Six – What’s your favorite food.

My aunt’s shepherds pie.

Day Twenty-Seven – List 3 online friends you’ve never met in real life but hope too soon.

Kari from Villa Twenty3

Ornella from a little to it

My sister Nik.

Day Twenty-Eight – What’s your guilty pleasure?

Full Moon Sky Watching.

Day Twenty-Nine – What’s your favorite time of year and why?

Omg!!! The Holidays!!

I adore everything about this season even the rush. My spirit is lifted, I’m around family and most people are spreading good cheer. I look forward to the new year ahead and my birthday a few days after.

Day Thirty– What’s your favorite flavor ice-cream?

Belgium Chocolate

Day Thirty-One – Self portrait and what I loved most about this challenge.

This challenge forced me to write when when I didn’t feel like it. October was challenging in itself but I pulled through. I stepped out of my comfort zone and opened myself a little bit more.


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