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I’m back with another Fab feature-  Lunamist Organics.

I discovered this local small business through another blogger and the owner was kind enough to gift me a sample jar of their body me up butter. This was going to be my third body butter from a Grenadian Entrepreneur so I was pretty excited to try. The texture of the butter stole my heart. Whipped to perfection and melts instantly when applied to the skin. Hands down THE BEST I’ve tried. Most of my skin care products are made with natural ingredients which have made such a huge difference. You know how some people can go to bed without applying lotion or oil onto their skin, well I can’t. When the sweet orange fragrance hits your nostrils, it invigorates and boosts your energy leaving my skin feeling so soft and moisturized. I’d say it’s great for use after early morning showers. The one I am currently using is the Decadent Chocolate body butter. Each time I open the jar it takes me back to The Grenada Chocolate Fest. I am definitely going to continue to support this business because they genuinely care about what they’re selling to their customers. Oh and they’re currently hosting a giveaway on their IG page so go follow and shop the various products. 

Here’s a bit more about Lunamist Organics:

1. Where did the name of your business derive from?
The business name was derived from my original Instagram name which is “Lunamist_300”, which came about because of my love for the moon and all the wonders of the universe on a whole. Also, “Luna” in Greek means moon, hence the name Lunamist which can translate to “moon mist” or “mist of the moon”.  In keeping with maintaining that personal touch, I decided to keep the “Lunamist” aspect of the name and I chose to add “Organics” because the products do not contain any chemicals and are as organic as possible.
2. How old is the business and what caused you to start creating these products?

The business is one month old, it was founded on June 4th 2018.  I first started creating body butters because of my daughter who has eczema and was using a cream called “E45” and one day while looking at the ingredients I realized that the product has alcohol and other ingredients which when I researched were synthetic.  I wanted a more natural option and was told about a product that was sold here in Grenada which I did purchase however, I was very unhappy with the consistency of the product and decided to research and make a product to my own liking.  As I posted videos and pictures of the body butter on Instagram, people immediately started asking if the product was for sale and that was how the idea of starting the business came about because of the great interest of people wanting to purchase the product.  I also wanted to create bath bombs  and shower bombs because I love Lush products, however, they are very difficult to get to Grenada and I thought to myself that there may be other people experiencing this same dilemma so I started creating and testing my own Lush inspired bath bombs           and shower bombs which has been received very well by customers.

3. What sets you apart from similar businesses on the island?

What sets me apart from similar businesses on the island are the high quality of ingredients used in my products and the consistency of my body butters.  I am not aware of anyone at the moment who makes bath bombs and shower bombs but I do          try to incorporate new and innovative ways of blending different fragrances for the ultimate aromatherapy experience.  If my customers have a specific request, I do customize my products to their preference which includes choice of fragrance and            butters used. The product is packaged in materials that are environmentally friendly and maintain an organic look which is in line with the theme of what the business stands for.

4. Where does your inspiration come from?
My inspiration comes from within myself and my dreams of owning my own business and creating one of a kind, natural and organic products that are not readily available in Grenada.

5. Explain a typical day when creating the products and how it makes you feel?

A typical day when creating products includes lots of sanitizing of the equipment and the work area, making sure that everything is measured in the correct quantities and lots of elbow grease 🙂  When I’m creating, I feel at peace and happy knowing that I’m creating a product with care and love for my customers. However, I am a perfectionist and because of that I do get a bit overwhelmed at times typically when I have large orders and deadlines to meet, but it’s all worth it when the end product is amazing and I get great feedback from my customers.

6. How many products are currently available for purchase and do you see the line expanding in the near future?

Yes I see the line expanding in the very near future, however currently what is available for purchase are body butters, bath bombs, shower bombs, manicure and pedicure bombs and hair butter.

7. Are the ingredients used 100% organic?

Yes the ingredients used are 100% organic, non-GMO, non-toxic and cosmetic grade.

8. Where can the products be purchased and do you ship internationally?

Currently the products are available from my home in Parade, St. Paul’s where they are produced.  The products will be sold in stores however, they must be tested by the Grenada Bureau of Standards before that can be done. I do one day of                           free delivery which is on Friday, on other days in the week deliveries are done at a cost of $10.00. In regards to shipping internationally, because the business is fairly new,  I have not had any international orders as yet, but it is something that will be done.

9. What is your best-selling product?
My best-selling product is the body butter, people love the consistency and the variety of the fragrances.
10. What has the feedback been from those who have tried your products? 
The feedback has been exceptional, customers love everything from the consistency and fragrances down to the packaging the products are delivered in. They also speak very highly of the level of customer service given not only from myself, but my business partner Brandon Munro.  In some cases our products has even been compared to that of Lush and this came as a result of many months of extensive testing and perfecting of our products.
Decadent Chocolate – Butter Me Up 

Stay Fab.

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