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2018 Thus Far.

Hey Everyone!

Can you believe Summer is here and will be over in a few weeks. I feel as if I waited forever and now it’s slowly slipping away. Nevertheless as with all seasons change is necessary. When I first learnt about Mercury Retrograde I was afraid and hated that period. All that talk about how moon phases can affect you and being super sensitive I couldn’t care less. However, I’ve decided to take on a different approach when they are in process and believe that throughout all the chaos and madness happening, it is somehow working together for the greater good. That didn’t come as easy as writing it though. It still kicks me in the rare but now I understand and practice shifting my thoughts day by day.

Here’s a few things 2018 has shown me thus far.

  1. Being consistent is kinda difficult.

I started my blog last February and while I am grateful, It still feels as if I haven’t accomplished much. I keep saying that I need to create more content, build my following and that’s it, I’m stuck. The comparison game was killing me. Looking at other creatives didn’t inspire me much it only discouraged me. I had to clear my space, dig deep and change perspective. Although I am still figuring out which direction I’d like to steer my blog in I refuse to let my doubts and fears distract me from moving forward.

2. Knowing what to do but doing the opposite.

I can smack myself for the number of times I didn’t trust my intuition (it’s usually right). After years of doubting and just a general fear of trusting; I decided to surrender. Gabby Bernstein said ” when you feel as if you’ve surrendered, surrender some more” and that I am doing. No lying fear does creep up on me but I’ve learnt to look for signs whenever I need reassurance.

3. Being grateful in tough times.

I over analyze people and situations a lot. Just crossing the street gives me anxiety. Giving thanks or feeling good during a rough day was never on my list. How do I pick myself up when all is going haywire was one of my biggest fears. It took time and effort for me to reach to the stage where if I was having a not so good day I can just step outside, feel the air on my skin and become calm.  Deep breathing helps along with grounding meditations. No matter what is happening I always awake each day with a grateful heart.

4. Getting into routine but not letting it control me.

My mind goes into overdrive some days which can become stressful. I am trying my best to discipline myself. Staying hydrated, taking time out for myself and saying NO when It’s necessary. Journaling my thoughts works wonders. Writing early in the morning when I am filled with energy gives me an added boost to start my day. Repeating affirmations each day and night helps me to maintain positive thoughts. I am so happy that I took that bold step to shift my mindset in order to have inner peace.

5. Taking Inspired Action.

Never liked taking risks or going on adventures but the universe sure knows how to send those types of people my way. I’ve learnt from those around me that one small step can lead to so much greatness and that failure is just a stepping stone. Being able to balance these two has been a roller coaster. Nevertheless I am so grateful for the people in my life who continuously motivate, inspire and cheer me on. Thank You

Stay Fab.



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