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I Got My Nose Done.

Hey Everyone!

How’s your summer going? Mercury Retrograde has turned my world upside down. From sky-high emotions, to tech issues I felt like I was on a never-ending roller coaster. Has the retrograde and the eclipse affected any of you? Please share to reassure me that I’m not alone haha.

When I finished high school I asked my mom if I could get my belly button pierced; she said no. I wanted a tattoo which she also declined so I stuck to the faux accessories until I coughed up the courage last July and got my nose pierced. My ears were done as a baby so the pain I was about to feel was unknown. I made the mistake by watching videos of people getting their piercing done which in return made me cringe. I almost chickened out honestly. Divya of amarnanixo accompanied me to Hayden’s shop and when I realized he wasn’t there I thought maybe this is a sign but I waited anyway lol. He prepped my nose while I sat there anxiously waiting. After a few deep breaths it happened instantaneously with a slight sting. No great pain. To be honest, I felt minor pain for the first few days whilst cleaning and that was it. The blood flow however was major.

I posted a 16 second clip to my Ig story and a few people reached out with questions that I’m going to address and give you some tips that aided my quick healing.

  • Did it hurt? For me no!
  • Six months after were you in any pain or discomfort? Slight discomfort If I forgot that it’s a piercing and not a pimple. I yanked it a few times and it got stuck in my face towel.
  • How long did it take to heal? So it was done in July and by December I would say it was healed.
  • How long did I wait to have a hoop placed? I was ready to change in December but waited till January. Process was quick and easy with no discomfort. Hayden is really good.
  • Can a hooped be inserted upon initial piercing? It’s not recommended as healing time is needed. My tail of my stud was coiled to prevent it from slipping out.

January 2018 I got a hoop inserted. It looked odd at first but then it grew on me. I bought the necessities needed for cleaning and took extra precaution with the hope of not getting any keloids.  Pimples tend to pop up on my nose a lot which is annoying and because of the piercing my nose became really sensitive. The inflamed pests grew right above the hole and were sometimes painful as I would try to pop them. Sea salt was the main ingredient used to help with healing. Twice per day, three if you can mixed with warm water. If It got really bad I would also apply ACV mixed with water and tea tree oil to the infected area. Gently clean the areas both in and outside. Yes you will see blood but don’t be alarmed as it’s quite normal. Twice a month I do steam facials which I think made the healing process faster. I never had any issues with the piercing while sleeping but just ensure that you change your pillowcase weekly to prevent unwanted dirt and bacteria from entering the area.

I did a poll on IG asking for piercing suggestions. Thanks for those and the feedback. Still unsure of what or if I should get another. I guess I’ll have to be in a mood and spontaneously decide. I like my piercing and that I can easily remove the jewelry whenever I feel like. I’m on the hunt for some Indian nose jewelry, any suggestions?

Thanks for viewing.

Stay Fab.

I opted for a black hoop instead of a gold or silver. 
I get asked a lot of questions about the hoop. Same hoop just inserted differently. 



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