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Chocolate Brunch At The Tower Estate

Hey Everyone!

I am back with another chocolate fest event recap. Yay Chocolate!

If you’ve read my previous posts you would know that my home island Grenada has its very own Chocolate Festival which was founded in 2014. Held during the month of May the festival has been growing tremendously with more international bloggers and chocolatiers attending. During this period you will learn about the history of cocoa and the growing number of chocolate companies being formed from this sustainable business. For years the harvesting cocoa has been a major source of income for the country.  Grown and harvested by hard-working Grenadians, The Grenada Chocolate Festival not only showcases the talent and craftsmanship of the farmers, it also helps market the island in terms of tourism. Found on the shelves of both local and international shops, the products are 100% made of ethical cocoa. This is one of the many facets Grenadians can proudly boast about. At the festival, hands on workshops are held which demonstrates the use of chocolate for cooking and skin care or you try a chocolate meditation at Sankalpa Yoga studio at True Blue Bay Resort.  Package deals are also available if you want to experience the festival in its entirety which I highly recommend.

I was presented the opportunity to attend the first ever chocolate brunch at The Tower Estate located in St. Pauls, a little over 15 minutes from the capital St. George. Built in 1913 over 100 years ago, this plantation styled home belonged to a Grenadian by the name of P.F Renwick. He was a lawyer and while studying in London he met his English wife, then later built her this home. Indulging in some hot cocoa tea whilst listening to his story being told, I was distracted but more so intrigued by the broken steps and where they led to.



The morning sun played hide and seek. It was extremely humid outside with the rain anticipated to pour at any given moment. However, that did not hinder us from touring the beautiful lush garden.The variation of the different flowers and vibrant colours made me feel lost but happy in an enchanted forest. Each touch and each aroma was captivating. The thought  “stop and smell the roses” came to mind as fragrances entranced my nostrils. The marriage of Mr. Renwick did not last long despite trying to make her feel at home. He struggled with infidelity and gambling. She got pregnant and later moved back to her home country. The current owner tells his story so well that I won’t spill all the beans as I want you to come and experience it yourself.


World renowned author and British chocolatier Chantal Coady OBE graced us with her presence and her delicious chocolates. This was the exact day Prince Harry wed Megan so it was quite fitting for a royal brunch. Recipes taken from her  book  Rococo: Mastering the Art of Chocolate were used to curate some of the dishes served. I personally never like trying new dishes and would often stick to what I know. I guess my taste buds were racing that day and I must conclude that out of the many selections the chocolate beans stole my heart.


I sat around the table a bit reserved because I knew no one except Grenada Soul Adventurer but delicious food sure knows how to create conversation. I met strangers with warm personalities and a love for chocolate. We spoke about many things. From carnival to chocolate preferences to skin care, so much that we did not want to leave our seats to see what was happening outside. Chantal Coady demonstrated how to make a simple water ganache using organic Grenadian chocolate which we had for dessert. Oh and it didn’t end there. We then got the opportunity to sample 8 chocolates, some of which were her creations and of The Grenada Chocolate Company. That was definitely delectable and engaging. I honestly could not handle all that chocolate in one setting. My favorites were Rococo & Roald Dahl: Frobscottle & Snozzcumber White Chocolate Bar and Raspberry Fizz White Chocolate Bee Bar.


An auction of her book previously stated was also held that day. All proceeds went towards the reconstruction of the local library and purchasing of supplies. The brunch was held on the last day of the festival which is known as a chocolate extravaganza. Here, vendors came with their cocoa products to retail. A fashion show is held each year  where cocoa inspired pieces are modeled. This is always a highlight of the festival. Even the kids got in on the action. The fun and excitement expressed on their faces with all of the chocolate treats and games that were available was a sight to behold.

The tower is open to the public and is anticipating in the near future to host other events. Presently, you can schedule a property tour or relax with friends while having afternoon tea in the garden. Let peace consume your thoughts as you sit in tranquility.

I am inviting you now to come experience and explore all of the events and places Grenada is offering. The beach is just one aspect of the island you can enjoy. See you soon in Pure Grenada.

Stay Fab!

Grenada Chocolate Fest 2018/Visit to the Tower

Grenada Chocolate Fest 2018/Visit to the TowerGrenada Chocolate Fest 2018/Visit to the Tower33922245_1651983011517591_5141368757196685312_o33901945_1651983828184176_4833016364773933056_o34046910_1651982611517631_5105836071850082304_o33964416_1651985538184005_4959431034845265920_o34018825_1651983651517527_1019132122285211648_o


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  1. Fantastic post! The Tower really does give off all the enchanted forest feels 💖


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