One Bandanna 4 Ways


Ah yes summer is here and with this season comes the fashion that we all love or may make us think what the heck. I love trending pieces but I also love going into my closet and restyling items I own. Whether you want to spice up an outfit for brunch or a party, a statement accessory may work well.

So let’s talk about the bandanna. It’s classic and can be associated with many things. For now we’re sticking with fashion. In 2016 this paisley print piece of fabric was trending on the runway and streets in both New York and Paris fashion week. I usually used them as a head scarf back in high school. Who knew it’ll later become part of my wardrobe. I own a few and I’m always on the lookout for unique colors and prints. Although it’s not trending this season; I wear them all the time. I consider it a summertime classic.

Here’s 4 ways I style my classic red bandanna. Comment below if you own one and how you use it.

Stay Fab!

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