Tips For Healthy Hair

 June 5th made it 4 years since I did the big chop. This natural hair journey has been certainly trying yet interesting. I’ve learnt so much about my hair and even myself.  From 2014 to date so much has changed. I realized that whenever I travel my curl pattern changes and adapts to the weather present and when I’m stressed there’s more breakage. I don’t use a lot of products because honestly I don’t own that many. Buying products here in Grenada can be quite expensive so I use sparingly.

I Remember seeing another blogger’ hair product collection which instantly made me feel like I wasn’t doing enough for my hair. Why you may ask? Honestly, I think that was my ego speaking trying to make me spend unnecessary money. Don’t get me wrong I love trying different products but I ain’t about to spend all my coins on just my hair.

Over the past few years I saw it has an aim to take proper care of my hair, one that never ceases. Whenever I get asked about hair care and how I achieve my curls it gets a bit overwhelming. I can’t just state use this or than and you” have hair like mine. No, it’s a process. One with trial and error and a whole lot of frustrations. Someone recently messaged me ranting that she’s tired with and wants to chemically relax her hair. She’s been natural longer than I have and her hair is so gorgeous. Being Pinterest queen I searched for a some short curly hairstyles and forwarded them to her. All it takes is a cut, new color or even some hair tools and you’re good again. It doesn’t have to be that difficult.

So enough of me rambling, here are my tips on how I achieve lush curls.


  1. I have patience with my hair. If you’re not getting the results you want that’s okay, you eventually will. Give it time.
  2. Drink enough water. I never liked drinking water I was more of a juice person. I worked on changing my mindset towards water and now I can’t go a day without. It’s the first thing I consume in the morning. Water not only hydrates you but it also helps promote hair growth. If you were like me and didn’t like the taste of water try adding lemon or berries to your water for added flavor.
  3. I sleep with a satin cap or use a silk pillowcase to retain moisture and prevent frizz.
  4. I keep my hair in a pineapple style to maintain the curls.
  5. After my hair is 100% dried I add oil to my scalp and ends. Jamaican Mango and lime have the best oils in my opinion.
  6. I used to be a big fan of scrunching my hair but I don’t anymore. I first add my leave-in conditioner, comb through then apply other products. When I’m done I leave to air dry ensuring that all fans and AC units are turned off so that I don’t manipulate the curls.
  7. I don’t always pre poo but I try my best to remember. A buildup of products on your scalp and hair will cause frizz so ensure that you strip and cleanse often.
  8. I use little to no heat. I did a blow out about a month ago and that’s it for the year. Heat damage is too real plus it’s one of main causes for hair breakage.
  9. Trim ends as often as possible. I followed a YouTube tutorial on how to cut my hair by which of course I jacked it up. Don’t be like me, go to a professional. I’m patiently waiting on my stylist to return so I can get a layered cut.

You probably already know these tips so if you have any suggestions feel free to drop a comment. I hope that they help you along your healthy natural hair journey.

Stay Fab.

2 comments on “Tips For Healthy Hair

  1. Great tips! My only one is to not leave it in one style too long especially if there’s any tension involved… like braids. Gotta let the hair breath ☺️

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