Fab Feature

Hey Everyone,

Today I  introduce to you the ‘Fab Feature‘ segment.

Here I’ll be chatting people in the creative field who are exuberant with passion about what they do. These people aim to inspire others while designing their best life. I’ve been contemplating on this for the longest while and finally decided why the heck not?! I’m hoping to have a feature out every month and if the feedback permits maybe twice.

My wish is that we learn as much as possible though the colourful time and struggles; then take inspired action on ourselves.

For my first feature I chose my fellow island gal turn L.A. girl Villatwenty3. It’s been a little over a year since we connected on the gram and ever since she’s been causing ruckus in my life, just kidding. This beautiful soul is well into her fitness and healthy lifestyle regime. Imagine when I told her to look at the What The Health documentary she was immediately intrigued by it and started eating less meat until she went vegan, or maybe not? I still haven’t looked at it; covers face but I am working out more because of you.

Her insta stories are always pleasing to look at in beautiful L.A. Whether at a restaurant or the gym she always has me cracking up. She recently vacationed on her husband’s home island Barbados, check her Instagram for all the moments captured.  Although we didn’t connect while there hopefully we’ll meet in the near future. You’re doing an excellent job and I have faith that everything will eventually align for you. *Hugs*

Let’s get started shall we…..

Who is villatwenty3 ?

Villatwenty3 is you! Villatwenty3 is me! Villatwenty3 is that place we all go to escape, wander, and be free. It’s living the life we don’t have to dream about because it’s right here in front of us.

What made you fall In love with blogging ?

I feel like there is something we can all learn from each other. Whether it’s how to style your hair, how to cure a cold in 5 easy steps, or how to travel the Caribbean on a budget, we all have stories to be told and that’s what I love. It’s a reflection of me.

How would you describe your blogging style ?

I’d say it’s very casual. I like to have fun, so I try to portray that in how I communicate.

Who has impacted you most in blogging and how ?

There are so many amazing bloggers out there, but for me it’s not who has impacted me, it’s the ‘What’ . Similar to what I mentioned above, knowing that something you do can make someone’s life easier or inspire them has the biggest impact to me. The ability to positively influence is what drives me.

What are the most challenging aspects of blogging that you’re currently faced with ?

Oh my gosh… consistency. Sometimes I get so lost in thought or convince myself no one will be interested and I don’t write and I won’t take pictures.  Learning to stop being so hard of myself is most challenging of all.

How do you want to improve yourself and your blog in the next year ?

I’d like to improve the aesthetic by next year for sure, but in the interim creating good solid effective content is the goal.

In a world of so many content creators; do you feel the need to stand out ? Why ?

Of course. There has to be something you offer that attract people to your blog and makes them excited for more. Gotta keep it interesting.

How do you end your day ?

With several things. I usually do a quick 5 minutes of abs, shower, and the very last thing is prayer. Gotta thank God for all he’s done and hasn’t done. Oh and I may watch an episode or two of modern family or the office  haha.

If you could relive one moment in your past, what would it be like ?

If I could….it would be a time I cried when a relationship didn’t work out just so I can go back and laugh instead. Haha j/k

What are five items you’ll pack for vacation in Bali ? Explain your first item. 

My new favourite yellow one piece! It’s so forgiving so I won’t feel guilty for swimming after a big meal . Shea butter, my phone with battery pack, some gluten-free snacks and my satin pillow case. (naturals know what’s up)

*Side Note*

If there is anyone that you think I should interview feel free to direct message me on Insta or send me an E-mail.

Stay Fab!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Casually Chilling in Mexico.
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Island girl at heart.
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Sandy Lane, Saint James, Barbados.



6 comments on “Fab Feature

  1. You are the best! Thank you for thinking of me and you betta turn vegan soon or else!! ☺️ So happy to have met your beautiful soul and how lucky or you to know me as well. J/k 🤗

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  2. I love this!!! Looking forward to more. I definitely feel her with the blogging challenges sigh..

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  3. Love this idea. Great feature!

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