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Remember to Remember

Hello Loves!

I am on a journey of ‘living life in the moment’ and experiencing life’s miracles that are happening everyday. I always had the mentality of being happy after I achieved what I wanted but sadly it doesn’t work that way. We all stress when things aren’t going exactly as planned, well I know I do.  Lately as I’ve chosen to be more aware of the foods I consume, the people I’m around and my thoughts. I am beginning to see small but significant changes.

Of course all the magic doesn’t happen overnight and the more I’m in tuned with my thoughts and intuition the more clarity I receive. I can’t begin to tell you the ways in which I feel when I am vibrating at low frequencies. I begin to over analyse everyone and each situation I’m in, which sometimes have negative repercussions. If you read my pervious blog post you’ll see some of the ways In which I cope being in that state.

For me personally I believe that change starts with self. I am a big procrastinator. My friends often notice when I can’t make up my mind and I say ‘it doesn’t matter’  as the answer. One of my goals is to do less of that and say what I really want or how I’m feeling. Lately I’ve been having epiphanies and those ‘Ah Ha’ moments that remind me to shift my focus when I am having a negative thought. I remember to recite my affirmations during the day and to allow my emotions to flow whether good or not so good. I feel, accept and then say to myself “everything is working out for the highest and greater good.

I won’t sit here and lie to you saying the journey is easy because it isn’t but It can be fun if you allow it. Some days we may need friends to talk to or just be in complete solitude and that’s totally fine. Just remember that you’re not alone. A power much higher than self continually guides you.


Stay Fab!

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