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Remain Grounded

Hey Everyone!

Sometimes life can get a bit hectic and everything may seem out of balance. Especially when mercury is in retrograde; we feel it the most. Electronics malfunction, extreme outbursts of anger which means you’re most likely vibrating on a low frequency. I did some research as to how I can deal with Mercury in retrograde and regular days when I am feeling unmotivated.

Hope these tips help you as much as they help me.

You get what you focus on so focus on what you want”

1. Be thankful for everything that is going right.

2. Drink loads of water.

3. State positive affirmations daily.

4. Keep a journal.

5. Get out in nature or your happy place to ground yourself.

6. Exercise- it helps a lot to keep you motivated.

7. Focus on you breath or meditate. This calms your spirit and will help you see things in a different perspective.

8. Talk to someone you trust.

9. Become aware of what’s happening and learn to shift your thoughts to change the situation.

10. Eat high vibrational foods.

11. Light a candle and take a bath or shower to release any toxins or low energies you’ve been carrying around.

Stay Fab!

3 comments on “Remain Grounded

  1. It’s a great checklist and reminder. Thanks! I’ve recently started a healthy eating plan, cutting out most of the processed foods I used to have. I’ve also quit pretending I need to go to the gym, and developed a regular home workout with exercise equipment that was previously gathering dust. I’m also thinking of a new direction for my blog which is currently gathering dust…

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