Statement Earrings

Hey Loves!

Statement earrings are always in season and on trend but the tricky part is knowing what to pair with. I’ve always been in love with earrings and would honestly just buy them because they look good and not necessarily wear them.

These are a few that I collected over the past couple years. I’ll leave shops below of where you can purchase similar treats. Also don’t forget to share some of yours as well.


When shopping for costume jewelry I personally like to feel the weight. The heavier the better in my opinion. Also when buying “gold” and or “stainless steel” go for a lesser yellow tone. They give a more expensive look and may last longer.

Stay Fab!

Top Left: Best for less Grenada, Top Right: Bijoux Terner, Bottom: Best for less Grenada Tassel $6 XCD, Hoops $7.95 XCD, Studs $10 USD

Top Left: Best for less Grenada $10 XCD

Middle: These were given as a gift but I believe they were bought at a shoe shop near Big Banana In Heritage Quay, Antigua.

Middle: Best for less Grenada $7.95 XCD


Willow and Oak


Forever 21

Nikki Biedes

Bijoux Terner


Best For Less Grenada

Elizabeth Cole

2 comments on “Statement Earrings

  1. Love your collection. Most of my statement pieces are Indian styled earrings. They really spice up an outfit. Great post :)❤️


  2. I can only imagine how beautiful your collection is.
    Thanks Div 🙂


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