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Self-Care Routine

Hello my loves!

Hope 2018 is going well but just in case you’re stuck in a rut or things aren’t going as planned don’t forget to give yourself credit for the hard work you’ve been putting in.

My body always lets me know when it’s time to relax. The muscles in my back would usually get tense and fatigue kicks in. The first thing I do is prepare my candles and get my oil burner lit. My choice of music depends on my mood. Once my playlist is chosen I start my facial routine. Cleanse, brush my teeth then apply a masque. If I don’t use a DIY I usually use one from forever 21 preferably mud.

Now I’m in my happy place & mind is clear so time for some Mirror affirmations. I’m dancing at this point and may incorporate some squats if I feel like it. At this time the water is running as I prefer it hot- yes hot! A bath tub would be ideal but I don’t have one so the shower will do. I like to sprinkle some bath salts in the shower then take a handful and rub all over my body to relieve and soreness and balance my body’s energies.

Then I’ll exfoliate my entire body. I’m currently using Grenada Soul Adventurer’s Chocolate Body Polish. The cocoa grains are the perfect size while together with the butter makes my skin feel so soft and smooth. I highly recommend this natural skincare product. I continue with my regular shower routine and while the water falls on my skin I kindly ask the Universe that all toxins and negative energy be removed. If you’re curious I use an oatmeal soap for bathing.

This is why I never liked to be rushed because I spend a long period in the bath. I then proceed to wash the masque off my face then tone and moisturize with coconut oil. Pat dry my body then apply Grenada Soul Adventurer’s whipped body butter. Hop into some comfy clothes and relax with a cup of tea while reading or catching up on Netflix or YouTube.

What does your self- care routine consist of? This is just one of mine as you can practice self-care in many different ways.

Stay Fab.

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