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Seven Reasons To Visit Grenada

Hey Everyone.

In keeping with my Island’s 44th Independence celebrations I decided to give you my top seven reasons on why you should visit.

134.6 sq mil of lush vegetation, beautiful beaches and warm friendly faces; welcome to Grenada. Known as the Spice Island of the Caribbean, you’re sure to fall in love and even end up migrating. I’ve heard so many romantic stories from people who came for a holiday and met their life partner. I guess that’s some of the magical powers Grenada possesses.

If you’re looking for chilled, laid back place to vacation let Grenada be your first pick. Looking for adventure ? We’ve got you covered. Romantic getaway ? Be prepared to be swept off your feet.

Here’s my list….

  • The Food – Only in Grenada can you get “Oil Down” our national dish 90% of the year. At any cookout or event you can be sure to sample a plate. To not confuse you about this delicacy I’ll insert a video link of how it’s prepared. We pride on using fresh herbs and spices in our dishes. If there is such a thing as over seasoning, best believe Grenadians do it.


  •  Free Spa Day – Yes you read correct. Spend a day relaxing at one of the many waterfalls or think of the sulphur spring as your personal sauna. You’ll leave rejuvenated and detoxified.


  • Underwater Fun – Snorkel at our underwater sculpture park and capture some awesome photos or scuba at dive one of our amazing shipwrecks. Prepare to be amazed by our the beautiful coral and sea life.


  • Adventure Time/Road Trip – Believe me when I say you’ll be stopping every ten minutes to take a photo. From the street art, to the skillfully crafted bars with catchy names, to the famous welcome rock. Grenada has all the best spots for adventure. The historic forts, many waterfalls and the hidden spots that only a local can carry you too such as –  Russian Point.


  • Island Excursion – Just when you thought your adventure was over, you recall your tour guide talking about Grenada’s sister islands Carriacou and Petite Martinique. Why not hop the ferry and truly discover the islands. Even a one day trip will leave you in awe wanting to explore more. I’m sure you’ll notice the neighboring islands of Petite St. Vincent and Union Island; part of the Grenadines. Now that’s what we call ISLAND HOPPING.


  • Experience our Chocolate Festival – An all you can eat chocolate buffet ? From May 11-19th 2018 you can experience chocolate everything darling. Cooking with chocolate, yoga with chocolate, beauty treats with chocolate all locally made. Rich in flavor and antioxidants our assortment of chocolates are exquisitely created to trigger your taste buds.


  • Carnival – If you’re an exuberant fetter and love to party then you’ll love Spice Mas. Our world-famous Jouvert where you’ll be covered in oil and paint is one of a kind and On Carnival Monday and Tuesday masqueraders flock the streets of St.George parading in vibrant coloured costumes. Make sure you “ban your belly” as we say.  This type of fetting ain’t for the weak at heart. From sunrise to sundown come join in the celebrations on August 13-14th 2018. Oh and did I mention we have one of the safest Carnival’s in the Caribbean ? ” Doh fraid de JAB ” Yu Safe.


Photo Credit – Arthur Daniel ( True Blue Bay Resort )

Stay Fab.

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