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Hey Everyone !

It’s been a minute since I’ve blogged but I’m back and ready to create some magic. I’m kicking things off with a short Q & A . You asked I answered. If you have any other questions you can email me or Dm on Instagram.

1. What motivates you to write posts ?

A. I won’t lie, some days I’m really lazy and may feel uninspired to write but I now use that time to reflect and tackle whatever writers block I may be experiencing. Awareness keeps me motivated. Being centered and focusing on the positive things at present and even the reasons I started on this blogging journey keeps me on track.

2. How do you get likes and engagement on posts ?

A. At first I thought it was just posting really cool photos until someone pointed out to me that your grid, photo quality and captions really matter. Since then I’ve been taking notes and reconstructing things a bit . It’s really what you feel passionate about creating and the amount of time and focus you put in will really make a difference.

3. What is your favorite travel memory ?

A. My favorite would have to my trip to Paris and spotting the Eiffel Tower. It was love at first sight. Cliche I know but it’s the feeling.

4. Where are you from ?

A. I get asked that question a lot and no I’m not from Trinidad. I am Grenadian; born and raised on the beautiful island of Carriacou.

5. How do you deal with criticism ?

A. I struggled with this for a very long time. I was always the girl being picked on because of my bold eyes and extremely slender figure. Before I would’ve cried and really let the mean comments get to me. No one and nothing is going to steal my joy and if you don’t like me or what I represent that’s all on you. C’ est la vie

6. Do you own a vision board ? If yes, what is your favorite quote ?

7. How long has your hair been natural and do you ever consider going back to relaxers ?

A. It’s gonna be four years this coming June since I did the big chop and went natural. The journey has it ups and downs but I won’t be going back to relaxers any time soon. I love my curls.

8. Which do you prefer, cocktail or wine ?

A. I love a good bottle of Pinot Grigio.

9. Is it possible we could take a jump up this coming Grenada carnival or Jouvert ?

A. This question made me really laugh out loud. It all depend on if you can handle the oil and strong rum. Get ready !

10. What is your resolution for tomorrow ?

A. I took this question from my five year journal with the intention that you my readers would answer as well. For me it’s learning to trust my intuition a bit more as lately it’s been telling me a lot. Comment below I would love to hear your thoughts.

Stay Fab.

2 comments on “Question & Answer

  1. Kizzy Rennie

    If this QA was a quiz, I’m not sure I would’ve passed lol. Concerning the resolution tho, I’m determined to bring my best to every day!


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