Like A Ghost

30 Days of Writing Challenge 2017


Months went by and with passing time my mother consoled herself the only way she could. [And] because she could afford it all, she shopped. With every diamond purchased she adored it just like my father did to her when she wore them. He moved out of their suite and into the guest room. She begged him to stay but he left.

One night during dinner my father stated he had something to share with me. Of course they thought I was oblivious to the entire situation. I was 16 at the time. He expressed how much he loved me and how he would never turn his back on me. He spoke in a calm and reassuring tone. Then said to my mother…..

Elizabeth, you gave me my biggest blessing and I’m forever grateful for my daughter. Our relationship hasn’t been easy these past months, years. I thought we would’ve pulled through and make it work but I can’t do this any longer. I’ve been having an affair. This is not to be discussed around the dinner table my mother exclaimed. It’s best if I say this sooner than later Liz. When is it ever a good time? Where do I fit into your schedule? Don’t try to make this about me James. I didn’t cheat on you with some tramp. They continued arguing and it was as if I didn’t exist.

This can all be fixed. We can go to counselling and fix our marriage she said.  I’m sorry Liz, Anna is four months pregnant and you and I are through. My mother sat in despair. I reached for her hand. It was as if I touched ice. Her face turned pale; like a ghost appeared in front of her. That night i felt my mother’s heart-break into a thousand little pieces.


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