Beautifully Broken

30 Days of Writing Challenge 2017


I wanted to ask her simply “how are you doing” but I couldn’t. Her actions appeared to be that of someone who had it all together. I grieved for my mother as she smiled and portrayed such delight whenever someone asked how things were going. Deep down I know she was screaming but pride got the best of her.


Why are you so happy mother?

How can you go about so happily and cheerful like nothing happened?

My dear Jessica, a woman always remains composed in adversity. If I cry or have even the lightest breakdown that’s a sign of weakness. Time went by and I went off to College. She phoned with such excitement of all the summer plans she made for the both of us. I often wondered how she coped after my father moved out. Would she ever find love again? Maybe I was jumping the gun but just to hear her cheerful voice gave me the slightest hope.

Three days later I got a call that forever changed my life. ” Your mother was in a serious car accident and succumbed to the injuries sustained. ” She was under the influence of alcohol and a stimulant for depression and anxiety.

My mother died a beautifully broken soul.



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