The Right Person

30 Days of Writing Challenge 2017


Can you actually spend an entire lifetime waiting for the right person?

Where is Mr.Right; my knight and shining armor?! Did the fairy tale stories lie with that happily ever after line? How do you even know that he/she is the right person? Some say chemistry, some say it just feels right and you’ll know. Although I believe in love no one ever stated the importance of self love as a child and becoming a better; not right, person for you. We all have our characteristics of the ideal person we want to spend the rest of our lives with but are we even deserving of that person?

I’m working on myself. Loving myself more and being appreciative of me because I am worthy and deserving. I also believe that in co-creation with the universe we can attract and attain anything.

Still waiting on the right person?

Start with you by becoming a better person.


2 comments on “The Right Person

  1. Love this carefree pic 🙂


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