The Idea Of You

30 Days of Writing Challenge 2017


Do you really want to know how I feel?

I’ll just be running my mouth only to hear you say “Oh it’s your fault we didn’t work out”. You’re stressing me out, quit stressing me out. Why can’t you be a bit more understanding of the situation? Shit was so complexed I lost my fucking self.

Clearly I was “head over heels” lost in the irony of it all. You were having fun while I was stressing over something that will never be. The Idea Of You with her haunted me. Until I met another lost soul who slapped me in the face with a harsh reality. Funny how a lost person can tell you all about your story without knowing the details. It was as if I awoke from a scary nightmare. Drenched in sweat; heart racing.

I was finally able to let you go in one night, after years of convincing myself otherwise.



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