When You Promised 

30 Days of Writing Challenge


Created by @ggreneewrites

As I sit and recollect the events of today and a few months ago I’m in awe of time and the universe works. The death of my grandfather took me by surprise today, so did the news of my aunt getting married. But I already knew they were gonna happen. How?

I knew someone was going to die. I felt a spirit with me and saw a shadow a few days ago. I felt safe more than frightened. This morning before having breakfast I sat around the table which I never do. I was prompted to look out the window and gaze at nature for a few seconds when this strange thought came to mind – I’ve never been a bridesmaid. My mom got married and I wasn’t even there to witness. Then I started thinking of my aunt. Went onto YouTube searched Celine Dion’s “the power of love” and couldn’t help but daydream. The feelings omg. My heart omg. This wasn’t even me getting married, why the heck am I feeling this way?

Around 8pm I got a voice note from my aunt. Hey nisha, this is going to be way too much to type but I’m getting married in December so start looking for a dress. Talk about “chills”.

My life revolves around ephifanies, many of which I’m too stubborn to realize. I never understood when you promised it’s all working out for the good or simply pray for the highest and best good. That I’ll have to go through the storms; laugh and cry at the same time or scream in silence.

1.11.17 The Awakening


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