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Heyyy Everyone !

I’m really late with this post but nevertheless. By the title you probably guessed it’s about hair. On September 2nd I attended The Mane Game – a natural hair seminar. After attending last year’s event Lena you got me hooked.

Themed Where African Fashion Lives, Grenadian naturalistas came out to learn, shop and network. What a sight to see everyone dressed in their Ankara outfits. The gorgeous Nelly B co-hosted with Arlena Blackman- Mark owner and founder of Happy Me Naturally. Guest speakers enlightened us on topics of cancer and relationships; all in relation to how they both can affect your hair. Genel Forteau of Virtue School of Beauty demonstrated simple hair styles for different types of hair and touched on a bit of hair care. Now you know how I feel about hair products and the struggle to find products that actually work. Elated that Curls were back on board sponsoring the event as well as Jamaican Mango & Lime and  Mielle Organics which is a newbie for me.

The vendors were out in full bloom showcasing so many products. From hair products, a bit of fashion and accessories. I was especially excited to purchase my essential oils from  Bling Village. They serve so many purposes but I mostly use mine for aromatherapy.  Overall it was a good event but there’s always room for improvement. I must commend you Lena on the venue change as it was much-needed. Looking forward to seeing this event grow and I wish you success on this amazing venture.

Main Game Photos 2017-27
Winners of a Giveaway
Main Game Photos 2017-74
ADROIT Arts and Craft
Main Game Photos 2017-22
Spice Blogger- Tailored By Terriann 
Main Game Photos 2017-86
Vendor- She Naturals 
Main Game Photos 2017-64
Hair Demo
Main Game Photos 2017-45
Purchasing Local Made Products 
Main Game Photos 2017-5
The Mane Game 

Full Album is up on the FB Page.

Stay Fab !

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  1. Seeing this and getting all nostalgic, it was a wonderful day, so awesome to meet you in person..


  2. Great concise post! Pretty images

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