Escape To Mount Edgecombe Plantation

Hey Everyone,

As you’ve read in my previous posts, I’ve been blogging about my adventures with Grenada Chocolate Fest 2017. If you haven’t yet checked it out, please do so.

After hashing and consuming an insane amount of chocolate; another day came with the opportunity to visit the exquisite Mount Edgecombe Plantation Hotel.

Fellow spice blogger Neisha La Touche of Sea Salt & Style joined me to “Relax for a Day” as the theme stated. Another event was held that day, “Be a farmer for the Day”. We gathered at True Blue Bay Resort then made our way.”]016A1328 Chilling With Sea Salt and Style & Grenada Soul Adventurer

Nestled in the parish of St. Mark, Mount Edgecombe Plantation will take your breath away as you enter and view the lushness of the gardens. I visited before in 2015 for a wedding reception and yes, it was love at first sight. Here I was two years later chilling poolside, sipping on a refreshing glass of (gospo) citrus juice.

The Grenada Chocolate Fest partnered with Mount Edgecombe and hosted a chocolate, spice and rum pairing, garden & plantation tour. As the name states; it was first a sugar plantation in the early 17th century ran by the French. It later changed ownership throughout the years and after slavery was abolished John Copland who then inherited started to produce cocoa and nutmeg.


We started with a tour of the rooms; followed by lunch then a chocolate and rum pairing.

I love the decor of the rooms. They’re all spacious,  so you can see the trees and hear the sound of the birds chirping. There was one particular room that caught my attention because of the color scheme and the fabric used on the furniture. Where the bath tub is situated it’s like no other. Just a bare room with nothing but a huge mirror and an overhead window. Now imagine having a midday soak with some sensual music playing while reading your favorite book and sipping on a scotch and soda. Heaven !

IMG_1604 2
Nutmeg Room


IMG_1652 2


IMG_1655 2

While you’re at the plantation grab your hat, water, sunscreen and proper shoes because you’re about to get lost in the beauty of the garden. From the herb garden to the banana leaves that form a canopy along the trail, to the exotic flowers you’ll stop to smell or just stare at, you will not want to leave – such a sweet escape.

34852062592_9e364c9cc4_k (1)

Garden Tour

Aaron Sylvester & Elle demonstrated the art of savoring chocolate ganache with local rum. Quick tip next time you’re about to indulge in some Grenadian or any fine chocolate:  break the bar to your desire, hold between your thumb and index finger; letting it melt for a few then place at the centre of your tongue, close your eyes and feel your taste buds at work. With this process, you can actually taste any fruit or spices from which the cocoa was grown and harvested.

34628232590_fa7348e876_k (1)
Demo Time
Delicious Treats

Your visit to Mount Edgecombe wouldn’t be complete without a relaxing swim or lounging by the pool.


Life in Style
Living the fab life

Looking forward to see you at next year’s festival & don’t forget to check out Mount Edgecombe for your vacation, wedding or a weekend pass.

Stay Fab !

2 comments on “Escape To Mount Edgecombe Plantation

  1. Great post! Gorgeous pics ❤️👌


  2. Ahh it looks amazing! I must check it out when I’m back in Grenada ♥️

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