A Woman Who Doesn’t Wear Perfume Has No Future??

Let’s just be real for a second, who doesn’t like smelling good? Maybe the stray dog down the road but I know I sure do.

I won’t lie I am a girly girl. I’ve been this way since creation. My mother’s vanity used to be filled with tons of perfumes and being the mischievous girly girl I am, I would often line my dolls up after a bath so that they too can smell good and of course the repercussions were not so nice.

I can vividly remember setting my eyes on Chanel N°5. The simplicity of the bottle and the golden liquid reminded me of the sun. The first time I smelt it I thought to myself; what kind of cheap Avon musk is this? I was around 11 and totally clueless about the composition of fragrances.

Fast forward to my birthday January 7th 2017 I was gifted my first Chanel Perfume and of course when I sprayed it on my wrist it instantly took me back. I wasn’t impressed hence the reason I’m doing this review now. It took a while for me to truly appreciate the notes that make Chanel N°5 the timeless classic that it is.


N°5 Eau de Toilette was launched in 1921 and then reformulated in 2012. Ernest Beaux was the creator behind this perfume. He presented Gabrielle Chanel with his creation of fragrances and she chose the fifth sample thus N°5 was born. This has been around for over 90 years making it vintage classic. It’s has a powdery fresh scent that is light on the skin. You’ll probably need a few sprays to configure what it smells of as it immerses onto the skin then dissipates. This fragrance is known for the mature and sophisticated woman. A woman who knows herself and her worth.

The scent is complex and complicated. The use of aldehydes were to enhance the other notes used to make N5°. This is not an everyday perfume. It’s more of a business meeting, interview, special date – type of perfume. As you should know, different perfumes go with different moods and body chemistries.

EAU DE TOILETTE – Lightly Scented




Launched a year after during a time of war this fragrance is said to smell like N°5. Although being similar in comparison with the notes this Eau de Parfum is dense with a floral scent that immediately hits you; sending you to a time where life is beautiful. It’s unique and rare scent is what makes N°22 a masterpiece. You can almost feel like you’re back in the 20’s where art and fashion were blooming. The fresh floral scent takes you to a garden where you’re floating with white petals surrounding you. Although I only have a sample I am so in love with this Parfum.


EAU DE PARFUM – where the middle notes become noticeable after the top notes have faded away.


Personally I think that every woman should have a signature scent. Whether you use perfumes, mists or make your own concoctions only you would know what works well for you. To smell good means to feel good. Its suppose to uplift your energy and make you feel like the beautiful woman or man that you are. What is your signature scent?


Stay Fab !




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