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Cantu Review 

Hey Everyone,

It’s been a minute; yes I know, but I’m back!

As you may have read in my pervious hair posts I am a huge advocate for shea moisture hair products but I unfortunately ran out of my holy grail “curl enhancing smoothie” and ended up trying two of cantu’s shea butter products.

To be honest, I never liked any of the cantu products I’ve tried in the past but it was due to me not applying the products properly. Shea moisture products are too expensive in Grenada so I was on a hunt for something new. I purchased the daily oil moisturizer and leave-in cream for around $50 which would be the cost of one shea moisture product – major score!

To Start: 

I washed my hair with a clarifying shampoo then applied a banana and Jamaican black castor oil mix to my ends and roots for around 20 minutes covered with a heat cap.

Rinsed then did a second shampoo with shea moisture’s curl and shine. Applied conditioners, detangled, rinsed with cold water then dry with my trusty cotton tee.

Sectioned my hair in four applying curls blueberry bliss leave-in conditioner, cantu shea butter daily oil moisturizer then the leave- in conditioning repair cream from root to ends ensuring all products are distributed evenly. Then wait to air dry.

After an hour I can tell if the products agreed with my hair. It’ll either frizz and be dry or shiny with bouncy curls. Both products are very moisturizing, smells heavenly, doesn’t flake and I didn’t have to reapply a significant amount the day after which is such a benefit. These are definitely added to the list and in for a repurchase.

What other Cantu products have you tried that works well?

Comment below…..

LTD Sailing -High Res-3
The scent is to die for!
LTD Sailing -High Res-2
Does exactly what the name says.


Stay Fab.

6 comments on “Cantu Review 

  1. Great results! I actually jus got the cantu coconut curling cream and the twist and lock gel that I still need to try!


  2. Good to know, I always panic when I run out of my Shea Moisture


  3. I’m happy I ready this review was looking at it in stores/online contemplating wither it would produce the same result as my shea moisture JBCO products. I have tried the daily moisturizer and it does wonders! Im going to go ahead and give the leave in a try! Happy I read this review! Thanks much!


    • I’m yet to try the JBCO line.
      Thanks for reading Hun! 🙂
      You would love this hair event that’s taking place on Saturday. It’s called the Mane Game. You get to sample so many different hair products, soooo nice and informative also!


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