Mott Green Day and the Grenada Chocolate Company.

” I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do something I can do. ”

Edward Everett Hale

What’s a chocolate festival without visiting a chocolate factory, sampling chocolate in abundance and learning about the process of how it is made?!

I got the opportunity to visit The Grenada Chocolate Company, as The Grenada Chocolate Festival paid homage to its founder David Lawrence Friedman also known as Mott Green April 5, 1966 – June 1, 2013. Born and raised in the United States, Mott was no stranger to the island as he visited with his father regularly. Mott was known as huge supporter of protecting the environment. He restored old European machines and later had them shipped to Grenada. With huge enthusiasm to distribute his organic chocolate he often travelled to neighboring islands via hobby cat. What great man to risk other than Mr. Green.


Blogger Diyva Amarnani Noel and I travelled to Belmont Estate to learn about the first “tree to bar” process at the Bon Bon shop. I was amazed at the variety of delicious Grenadian made chocolate. I’ve never ate so much chocolate in one day. Also present was head chocolatier Karen Waller of Rococo Chocolates. She shared with us her chocolate samples which were to die for by the way. We mingled, captured moments and ate way too much chocolate, Div I know you can agree with me.


BON BON Shop at Belmont Estate
Chocolate Demonstration


34171665364_0a2953b27c_k (1)
Chocolate produced at The Grenada Chocolate Company.


Before heading off to the Grenada Chocolate Company , the wonderful folks at Belmont Estate were kind enough to give us a sneak peek at their recently constructed chocolate factory. Head chocolatier Jay Kang gave us a preview and of course we savored more delicious chocolate. At that point I felt like a kid at Wonka’s factory. It’s inspiring to see so many chocolate factories being built on the island despite the decline in cocoa production since the 2004 when Hurricane Ivan struck the island destroying the vegetation. Grenadian chocolate is now ranked as one of the best organic dark chocolate in the world.




Next Stop – The Grenada Chocolate Company  


Situated in Hermitage St Patrick, is The Grenada Chocolate Company. Its walls colorfully painted with cocoa drawings gives it such an island vibe.

Mott and Mr. Edmond Brown one of the cocoa founders shared a close friendship. They went around the island promoting the chocolate, installed and operated the machines used at the factory and maintained the operations there.




The Grenada Chocolate Company produces six chocolate bars which are available throughout the tri-state and internationally. These include:

  • 60% Cocoa Organic Dark Chocolate
  • 71% Cocoa Organic Dark Chocolate
  • 82% Cocoa Organic Dark Chocolate
  • 100% Cocoa Organic Dark Chocolate

More information can be found on their website.

We celebrated ” Mott Green Day” and in his honor indulged in his favorite meal – Oildown, known as the island’s national dish. Mott however loved his with saltfish and grilled fish on the side served with white wine. Sounds fancy right?! It tasted oh so good.


The legacy left behind is now ran by an amazing team. Founder of The Grenada Chocolate Festival Mrs. Magdalena Fielden spoke profound of Mott as she recalled the first time meeting him, sharing her vision for chocolate and his determination to create such outstanding chocolate that is in such high demand. His love for producing great quality chocolate and protecting the environment showed that Mott was a man who can make anything work.

Mr. Edmond Brown cocoa founder and founder of The Grenada Chocolate Festival Mrs. Magdalena Fielden.

In the words of Mr Edmond Brown- ” Without Mott there would be no chocolate company and no chocolate festival, so thank you Mott Brown.” We salute you and continue to live through your work.

Photo credits – The Grenada Chocolate Fest

Glenisha Mc Gillivary.

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  1. I loved this blog post!! Yes wayyyy too much lol x❤️


  2. Lovely recap…Mott Green legacy will certainly live on from tree to bar :-).


  3. Kizzy Rennie

    What a legacy!! You shared it with heart dear!!


  4. Gosh, I hope I get to try when I come over… everything look so good.


  5. Good work, Glenisha!


  6. Great recap, Glenisha!


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