Cocoa Chocolate Hash ?

As part of the line-up for the 4th annual Grenada Chocolate Fest; on Saturday 13th May 2017, I experienced my first Hash. In keeping with the theme “Honouring Our Chocolate Roots” a chocolate hash was created.  I got a workout, ate free chocolate and mingled. This is life in Grenada!

We drove to Victoria (St. Mark) to Diamond Estate for Hash (980) the Cocoa Chocolate Hash. As a first time hasher, signed in my name (in the event of), listened to the briefing about the hash (chat with my friends) and witnessed people drink beer out of their shoe (because what is life without drinking booze out your shoe?). Yes I know you’re thinking what the heck, but it’s totally legit I promise LOL. Two trails were established; one for the runners and the other walkers. Your girl however isn’t experienced so walkers it was.

The Beginning
Booze in a shoe.

Pumped and so ready we were off. After half hour of seeing cocoa trees and bush I thought to myself this is way too easy. Uh, so yeah I quickly took that back when it was time to climb the mountainous terrain ahead. There was a child to the left of me (crying), a couple to the right chatting away and an elderly man at the front making his merry way to the top. It was at that point I thought dang, my workout isn’t really working out, cause I was ready to pass out.


IMG_1453 2.jpg

Exhausted by the time I got to the top but it was so worth it. The view was so picturesque and cool mountain air had me at peace, until someone said “I think they’re going the wrong way” LOL . The runners and walkers were suppose to meet at some point but at that point no one knew where to go. Nevertheless we got directions and carried on downhill.

View From The Top


This time I regained strength and remembered the man at the front of me and his endurance. You sir were my motivator. Determined to finish and not turn back like others, I spoke to myself at each step along the way. I was crossing rivers, sliding down hills, holding on for dear life and laughing because I don’t ever do this and its exciting.


Pure Grenada
Photo Credit: Grenada Chocolate Fest



At the end I was a hot mess, tired as hell but still pumped. Now time for the best part of the day. The ice-cold beers, food, music and free CHOCOLATE! The alcohol totally defeats the purpose of the run/walk by the way. I’m guessing that’s why hashers are known as “runners with a drinking problem”. Correct me if I’m wrong.

At the end. Tired but worth it. Photo Credit: Grenada Chocolate Fest
After the Hash is an after party LOL. Photo Credit: Grenada Chocolate Fest

A special thank you to Diamond Estate for the Jouvay Chocolate samples given out and prizes won. To the Grenada Chocolate Fest team for letting me use your content and for the collaboration with the Grenada Hash House Harries for such a thrilling adventure. Big Ups!

If you’re in Pure Grenada and looking for something adventurous to do, try hashing. There’s usually one every saturday so bring your trainers and be prepared to have fun!

Grenada Hash House Harriers  for more information.

Cocoa Chocolate Hash Video. Credit: Grenada Chocolate Fest

Stay Fab.

4 comments on “Cocoa Chocolate Hash ?

  1. Great post! LOL @ “The alcohol totally defeats the purpose of the run/walk by the way.” 🙂


  2. Amanda Fifton

    I guess that one one hash worth doing knowing there was chocolate to be eaten at the end of it!!
    Well done👏🏾 Xx

    Liked by 1 person

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