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Paris, France – Travel Story #2

” Cue the French music ”

I’m in Grenada, and as I write this post I reminisce on my time spent in Paris. Time went by so quickly; it’s one year this week since visiting.

My time was drawing near to leave London and A called me into the room and said – “I found a route cheaper than the Euro Train that goes to France, wanna go?” Of course I screamed yes as if I had just been proposed too ( dramatic much ). My mind was filled thoughts of how the place would be. You know, like in the movies and travel vlogs. First time I saw Passport To Paris I knew I had to visit. The city of love where all the magic happens.

An early rise to head off on an amazing adventure wasn’t that easy. I was already have issues adjusting to the time difference, so best believe 2AM London time I was wide awake. Packed and loaded the car with the necessities, then drove to Dover Port to catch P&O ferries to Calais France. It was a girls road trip.

For my Grenadian people think of Amelia but way bigger with amenities of the Royal Caribbean. You can get lost on that ferry. Took about One hr and Thirty minutes and we arrived at our first destination.

Calais France

Long winding roads, cool air and fog filled the sky as the sun peaked through.



I fell asleep on the way which was expected but the road tolls and bathroom stops had me in and out.  None of us spoke French so it was a bit difficult to communicate as everyone shouted “No English”. Nevertheless good old Sat Nav kept us on path and we arrived in Paris safely . Tired but thrilled, I only had one thing in mind; as everyone else. There it was, standing tall in the open sky. I spotted the Eiffel tower.

Paris, France


Eiffel Tower

This time last year blogging or even the thought of starting my own website never crossed my mind. I had given up, thinking it’s too difficult and thought who would want to read my stories? To my anonymous reader we’ll call you “creeper” for now, thanks for reading.

I was so hyped I didn’t really snap a lot of photos other than a million selfies standing near the tower LOL typical. We drove around and finally found parking. Eager to explore we set off on foot. The traffic was insane. The Zebra crossing which is supposed to be helpful wasn’t. Those Parisian drivers don’t give a ish they just drive. You literally had to join the crowd that was waiting to cross and listen for when someone yelled cross! Terrifying!



Got to the Eiffel Tower and immediately started taking selfies. What else would Nisha do?


Emotions ran deep as I could hardly contain myself. I didn’t feel out-of-place. The smiles on the faces of the tourists showed how magical Paris really is. Each direction I turned someone was either dancing or buying a souvenir, couples kissing and children playing.  Went in line did all the jazz , got on the lift and up we went.



Words can’t explain how I felt being there. The view is so breathtaking. I stood for a minute to bask it all in.



Lights flashing, tour guides directing the traffic and kids fighting to have a view through the telescope. As an Island girl I’ve always dreamed of being in Paris and to be there years later, I felt sense of accomplishment. Another one checked off my bucket list.





Time got the best of us capturing moments and making memories. It was time for lunch followed by a boat tour along the River Seine.


My feet failed me though. I sat the entire ride. I didn’t capture any moments but I remember so vividly.  Batobus is a river shuttle that gives you freedom to explore central Paris. One pass is valid for an entire day with stops at nine different locations.


. Eiffel Tower
. Musée d’Orsay
. Saint-Germain-des-Prés
. Notre-Dame
. Jardin des Plantes / Cité de la Mode et du Design
. Hôtel de Ville
. Louvre
. Champs-Élysées
. Beaugrenelle

You get on and disembark where you want and when you want with a valid pass.


There was a young girl on the boat with her family. She stared at me the entire trip LOL. One thing I noticed at each stop was the activities of the locals. People were in groups and then there were those singled and coupled. Reading, chatting, playing a guitar or laying head down on top of a bridge with a bottle of wine. So carefree, so relaxed like how Caribbean people would be at the beach or waterfall. With all the Chaos happening in the world I thought about the attacks they faced in 2015 and the resilience and bravery portrayed by the citizens.

Before we knew, it was time to head back to catch the ferry. Stopped to get some souvenirs and savor the last bit of paris before nightfall.

Musée du quai Branly




Arc de Triomphe

What a day, what an adventure. Paris, although I didn’t experience the magic with my SO, I’m happy that I shared my first trip with Family. Bet your money I’m returning with Bae for part two.

A walk about Paris will provide lessons in history, beauty, and in the point of Life. -Thomas Jefferson

Stay Fab.

13 comments on “Paris, France – Travel Story #2

  1. Loved this! I’ll be a creeper anytime haha 🙂

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  2. Oui Mademoiselle ! Can’t believe it’s been a whole year already! Paris should be on everyone’s list! And I spy the LV store hehe 🗼


  3. Loved reading your blog #brings bk memories 😍😍


  4. This is awesome, hopefully I get to experience a trip like this 😁


  5. It’s on my bucket list just so I can have pics by the Eiffel Tower and so forth hahaha


  6. Nice…on my bucket list for sure


  7. Amanda Fifton

    Lovely blog luv! Glad u managed to see Paris and cram everything into you day xx

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