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Need Glasses? Firmoo Review

Firmoo is an online Optical store offers an array of prescription and non prescription eyewear. I first heard of from my aunt who purchased her glasses from their website. I was surprised when I heard the price she paid for her prescription reading glasses. I was like “Yes There Is a God.”

I’ve been struggling with my vision for the past couple years but never bothered to get my eyes checked. Finally went to an Ophthalmologist on the island; only to discover that I have a condition named Pterygium commonly known as “Surfer’s Eye” (tuh-RIJ-ee-uhm)  an elevated, wedged-shaped bump on the eyeball that starts on the white of the eye (sclera) and can invade the cornea. On top of that add Astigmatism. He immediately told me I need glasses but in my mind I thought, I can’t afford those $800 frames available at the office.  I asked him kindly to have the prescription to go and he agreed.

Honestly I thought it was gonna be so easy; go online choose a frame, pay and we’re good. It took me months to decide on a frame. The variety that Firmoo offers and the prices, wow so affordable. It was difficult  but finally made a decision. Uploaded my prescription to the website; you can virtually try on frames if you wish, and chose this pair in the tortoise style. I paid for express shipping so delivery wasn’t an issue. Apart from the frame I also got a sturdy case, soft pouch and a microfiber cleaning cloth.



The only issue I had was at the beginning adjusting to wearing glasses which is normal. I’ve dropped it multiple times and even sat on (don’t ask). Overall the quality is great and I can see longevity in them.  I get so many compliments and it amazes me each time to see the reactions when I state the cost. Firmoo you definitely gained full 10 stars for variety and affordability. My next purchase will be sunglasses.



Firmoo is now offering you guys a 30% discount, awesome right?!

Click the link below……Happy Shopping.


30%OFF frames code: FABLIFE

Firmoo Glasses:

Stay Fab.

3 comments on “Need Glasses? Firmoo Review

  1. I can’t wait til I finally purchase (frame hunting lol) & receive mine! Thanks again for the recommendation 🙂


  2. I’ve definitely been eye shopping for too long… Lol they already have amazing prices so 30% is a steal! 🤓


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