My Hair Journey| Then To Now

Hey Everyone!

I’m sharing with you part two of my “Hair Journey” series Then to Now. I previously shared with you my Big Chop and Transition story so if you’re new to the blog welcome.

My hair has grown tremendously over the past couple years. I must say it’s not an easy task dealing with a head of curly, thick, long hair. There are days when I’ll wash my hair; expect a good hair day and then boom when it’s fully dried it’s a huge frizz ball (how annoying). It’s either I left the t-shirt on my head for too long or didn’t apply enough product. I wash my hair once every week – Saturday. I apply either Tea Tree or coconut oil to my scalp and ends; massage for a few minutes then place my self warming conditioner cap on and carry on with my chores. This stimulates the fair follicles which promotes growth.

I’ve used a lot of shampoos and conditioners and never really understood what it did for my hair or the damage it was causing. When I first cut my hair i was using vo5 shampoos and conditioners at home. You’ll always hear stylists say that your shampoo and conditioner should be sulfate and silicone free. Silicone creates a barrier between your hair and the environment.  Products containing dimethicone and silicone blocks moisture which aids in preserving the hairstyle . When it comes to everyday products that moisturize and style you should keep it silicone free. Always ensure that cleansing products and deep conditioners are completely silicone and sulfate free.

Honestly, my hair styles and routine-wash and go have not changed only the products. I  used herbal essence shampoos and conditioners (still do), Paul Mitchell‘s Twirl Around as a styler, softsheen-carson  Dark and Lovely moisturizer and coconut oil. I did the treatment – Amazon Series Remedy Miracle Smoothing Elixir by the brand de fabulous. It tames frizz and makes your curls more manageable – similar to a Keratin. This treatment is quite expensive but definitely worth it.


Now I no longer use those products mentioned above; since the natural hair craze has evolved; so many products were introduced I wanted to give them a try. Shea Moisture‘s Coconut and Hibiscus line is my favorite which I’m currently using. I continued doing my hot oil treatments and used little to no heat tools. By May 2015 my hair was already passed my shoulders.


Products I’m Currently Using

Late 2015

Hair Tips & Tricks

  • Always get enough rest. Sleep with a satin cap, silk scarf or pillow case to retain moisture.
  • Exercise regularly. It increases blood flow and provide nutrients and Oxygen. This promotes healthy hair growth and decreases your stress level.
  • Always use a microfiber towel or cotton T-shirt to dry hair. It creates less frizz and tangles. Plus it’s less harsher than a regular towel.
  • Deep conditioning nourishes the roots & revitalize the scalp that leads to natural hair rebirth.
  • Have a healthy diet, drink loads of water and take your vitamins.
  • Get your ends trimmed often or do it yourself. Health over length.
  • Try protective styling if you can’t handle the daily styling of your hair.
  • Try and apply a minimum amount of heat to avoid damage.
  • ACV Rinse- strips hair from the build up of products.
Hair Products

Hair Gurus I Follow

Tell me some of your favorite hair gurus!

2016 – Straight Hair


Some asked me recently, “Do you get sick of people asking you about your hair?” And the reason I don’t is because I actually feel like you could chronicle my journey of self-acceptance through my journey with my hair. It’s a badge of something bigger. – Tracee Ellis Ross. My Biggest Hairspiration

Summer 16-Curls Unleashed

I’ve grown to love and accept my hair. It can be a challenge at times but with the help of the natural hair community I now know how to properly take care of my hair. I feel elated when people stop me and ask about the products I use or how I style my hair. Sharing is definitely caring. Last year I attended a hair seminar hosted by Arlena Mark of Happy Me Naturally. It’s an amazing; informative; uplifting seminar that teaches you about hair care and different products available. Best part is that you get a free goodie bag with sample products. I did a review over on my Facebook page check it out. Date and venue for this year’s event will be posted there so don’t forget to like the page.

Now – March 2017
Always in a Pineapple.


Stay Fab!


9 comments on “My Hair Journey| Then To Now

  1. Wow great post, definitely enjoyed reading it and found it very helpful, will check out some of the products you listed. Your hair is gorgeous, mine has decided to grow at the slowest pace possible. I also did a blog post on my natural hair journey if you’ll like to check it out 🙂

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  2. drewkiercey

    #curlygirlsstandup #sitdowndrew #locsandproud #can’thelpbutadmiretho

    — Blessings

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  3. Hey there Becky with the good hair 😉

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  4. Hello! I see that you had used the Remedy Miracle Smoothing Elixir at first. I’m thinking about using the same on my natural hair because no matter how much I deep condition (with heat or steam) or use a detangling cream on my hair, my hair still tangles which leads to breakage :(. And it’s extremely frizzy. Did this treatment cut your hair up or ruin it? Would you recommend it?

    PS – Great article!

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    • Hey! My hair tangles easily as well so I only detangle whilst conditioner is in. Do you get your ends trimmed often?
      Best advise I can give is to consult with the hairdresser that does the treatment as it doesn’t work for everyone. For me it was a life saver. Once you’re using the shampoo and deep conditioner from that line, the treatment lasts for around 3-4 months. My hair was so soft and manageable with little shedding and defined curls.
      Try the Aztec clay and ACV mix as well.


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