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V-Day & What Women Really Expect

It’s that time of year again when love is in the air and cupid shows up playing matchmaker. Shops are filled with flowers, candy and an array of chocolates, but what is it that women really want or expect of the day?

Personally I think the day is way too commercialized and takes away the true meaning although it varies. Some may think that Christmas was just the other day and so much money was spent now this. Oh and guys, don’t even think about forgetting the day altogether because you just may end up sleeping on the couch so no excuses. As soon as mid January hits you’ll see all the ads and commercials so there’s no way you’re forgetting Valentine’s. It’s right in your face as most businesses use social media for marketing.

I created a list of simple yet effective things you can purchase or do for your lady or special someone. It’s not rocket science honestly, it’s the thought that counts.

  • Prepare dinner or order in as most restaurants will be crowded and overbooked. You don’t have to eat out at fancy, expensive places to show your love. Use Pinterestย I guarantee you’ll find decor ideas that’ll impress her.
  • Run a bubble bath. Decorate with rose petals, light her favorite candles, put on that baby making music and you’re good to go. Oh and don’t forget to join in with a bottle of bubbly. Enjoy each other’s company, talk about everything and just relax.
  • ย Most salons and spas offer specials around Valentine’s so why not get a gift certificate or have a couples massage and reconnect.
  • Have flowers delivered to her job. Bonus points right there.
  • Leave love notes around the house.
  • If you know your lady really well why not get her things you know she’ll usually purchase. Most clothing, jewellry and cosmetic companies offer discounts around this time so take full advantage. A YSL bag would be even better (joking) but hey if you have the money splurge on your girl.
  • If you’re single, why not call up the girls and have a Galentine’s night. Watch a couple romantic comedy movies but don’t get too hopeless. Fifty shades darker is now playing so perfect time to go view.
  • Not in the mood for company and you just want to be alone? Say no more. The gym is always available. Get your body right girl. Cupid may just show up and work his magic.
  • Pamper yourself. Buy your favorite wine, run a bath, apply a facial mask and just relax while vibing to some Tamar Braxton, Music soul child or Jaheim. You deserve it.

Happy V-Day Everyone! Stay Fab…….

4 comments on “V-Day & What Women Really Expect

  1. Very pretty site. Love your tips. Thanks for sharing!


  2. I forgot about V-Day… Guess I’ll be at that gym then!


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