Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Honestly016a1566, I dislike talking about myself but since it’s my first ever blog post why not. (Do it for the blog lol). My name is Glenisha but everyone calls me Nisha. I grew up on a beautiful tropical island called Carriacou, which is sister to Grenada but we’ll get into that in another post. So basically I’m an island girl. Yes i spent most of my summer and Christmas vacations on the beach. My first kiss was on the beach so you know it’s too real lol.

I’ve always wanted to start my own blog but for some strange reason i thought it was difficult so I never bothered until now. I’m a huge fan of travel blogs and vlogs, fashion, food, art and pretty glitzy things in general. I’m quite reserved but once you get to know me better the fun Nisha lets loose. The name of blog came about from another blogger/youtuber I follow. She always uses the word FAB and of course I love all things FAB so I decided why not tell my my FAB stories through blogging, thus becoming The Fab Life Story. This blog is also meant to inspire, educate and uplift all those who follow me.I’ve learnt that everything takes time, never rush. What’s meant to be will always be. As cliche as it sound it’s so true.

I watched a lot of the “get to know me tags” on youtube so i decided why not try one out on the blog. I randomly chose this one from meganhasocd.com


1. What is your middle name?: Doreen. Ask my mother.

2. What was favorite subject at school?:  English and Literature. Love reading and writing.

3. What is your favorite drink?: I’ve recently been obsessed with sorrel. Thank God Pinehill now makes it!

4. What is your favorite song at the moment?: Umm atm Konshens- gal dem sugar. Don’t judge.

5. What is your favorite food?: I love shepherd’s pie, a good bacon cheeseburger, my grandma’s fried bakes (so good), saltfish cake, green peas soup (heavy on the dumplings). Give me food and i’ll eat.

6. What is the last thing you bought?: I bought a few items at a sale the other day. Can’t miss a good sale.

7. Favorite book of all time?: Michael Anthony’s Green Days by the River. I love caribbean literature.

8. Favorite Color?: Don’t have a favorite. I like neutral colours.

9. Do you have any pets?: Nope, I’d like a goldfish though!

10. Favorite Perfume?: My mom introduced me to flowers by Kenzo and i fell in love. I don’t have a favorite though. Once i sample and I like then i’ll purchase.

11. Favorite Holiday?: Christmas!!! Hands down! It’s the most wonderful time of the year. It goes by so fast though, like come back…….please!

12. Are you married?: No I’m not. Couple ???? on if I’ll ever get married. Dunno.

13. Have you ever been out of the country, if so how many times?: Umm Yeah!!!! Way too many times as my mom would say lol. I love travelling. Hoping to visit some exciting places this year.

14. Do you speak any other language?: Na mate. If you consider me saying Bonjour as fluently speaking another language then hell yeah!! Lol. But seriously I’m gonna take French lessons.

15. How many siblings do you have?: I have two sisters and one annoying brother. Love you bro if you’re reading this. I’m the eldest. I’ve always wanted an older sister.

16. What is your favorite shop?: My favorite shop in Grenada is Season’s Fashion. Antigua: Sunny’s and UK: Primark!!! I love designer items but I usually wait until it goes on sale.

17. Favorite restaurant?: In Grenada it would have to be Aquarium.

18. When was the last time you cried?: I’m glad you asked. Today!! PMS!! It’s a cold world. Mood swings.

19. Favorite Blog?: Too many to mention! Fashion and Travel blogs excites me the most.

20. Favorite Movie?: How much time do you have? It can take all night! I don’t have a favorite. Just to name a few: sleepless in seattle, serendipity, flirty with forty, Tyler Perry’s entire list with some snack and box of tissue (dramatic much), Titanic, Brown sugar, Unfaithful, When Harry met Sally, Rotten Tomatoes, Matilda, sex and the city……I can go on for days!

21. Favorite TV shows?: Again, how much time you do have lol. Lets see: Fresh prince of belair, gossip girl, desperate housewives, pretty little liars, caroline in the city, smart guy,charmed, family guy, girl meets world, 7th heaven, love and hip hop hollywood, an african city, regular show, s club 7, the angela show, the Adam’s family, baywatch law and order SVU, criminal minds, rachael ray,  barefoot contessa, semi homemade cooking….I can go on!

22. PC or Mac?: Mac

23. What phone do you have?: iphone 6

24. How tall are you?: 5’6″

25. Can you cook?: Yes!

Hope this gives you a bit more insight about me. I had fun answering these questions. Thank you for stopping by and stay connected for more fab stories!

12 comments on “Allow Me To Introduce Myself

  1. Its about time!! Glad you finally started. Am so happy you decided to cut that movie and tv show list short… saved me alot of reading!! 😛

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  2. I LOVED your About Me. Haha. So candid. You’ve inspired me to be honest and open about who I am on my blog as well so I’m going to write my About Me today! 🙂

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  3. Amanda Fifton

    Love your get to know me tag. It put a smile on my face, especially the favourite colour part😊
    Sending loads of love to you from London. Keep up the good work luv!! xx

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  4. iamlaureen

    Great introduction 🙂

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  5. Yay another Grenadian on here blogging , I’m new myself to the blogging world 🙂


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